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  1. I really appreciate all the help. My plan is to wait for a 5’ extension I ordered to come in. Then, I will tackle the job. I have an Onyx XM radio that I move from my daily driver (Volvo) and my Corvette. Now, I’ve added it to my 2017 Silverado... one subscription... 3 vehicles. Not bad!
  2. Any guidance on starting to open the dash/screen?
  3. Also goes without saying... when we get an answer... pics would be very helpful. My need is to use my portable Onyx radio in my truck. Right now, I have it installed but with the magnetic antenna. Would really like to clean it up by using the shark fin.
  4. I’d appreciate any guidance. My truck has less than 3k miles and I really don’t want to pull too much apart. I am hoping for “easy” access, but I guess we’ll see!
  5. I appreciate your response. Yes, the "shark fin" is the XM antenna, but the end I am looking for is under the dash. In "older" Silverados, they have you pop out the glove box and there is the receiver... maybe 4"x6"x1" where the other end of the antenna wire plugs in. However, in my 2017 Silverado, behind the glovebox looks different and since I don't see anything familiar to the 4"x6"x1" box described above back there... that is my question. Did they move the XM receiver somewhere else under the dash?
  6. Can anyone tell me where the XM "receiver" is located in the 2017 Silverado? I need to get to the end of the XM antenna/plug to use it for my portable XM receiver. I have seen past web posts "behind the glove box" (for previous years to 2017), but mine does not look anything like those misc videos. I just need to know where it is... and how (easily) to get to it. I love my new truck! Thanks Very Much! DJ

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