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  1. Since the rear end is native to the truck and miles, I'm keeping it under there.
  2. Hi, I picked up a nice k3500 single rear wheel long bed truck. It has low miles 104k and had some little issues which I fixed. I want to turn it into a dually and add a flat bed. Truck: 7.4 auto 4x4 full floater rear end 4:10 gear single cab i am just wondering what parts I'll need to make the swap. I don't want to swap the rear end out, but would rather use parts from another junk truck. Is this possible? i bought a complete rear end, wheels, etc off a 97' 2wd dually. Hoping I can swap out parts instead of entire rear end. Also will need advice on swapping front wheels to dually wheels thanks
  3. 96' power steering hoses will bypass the "speed sensor" crap. You just gut the little valve parts from the back of the pump and use new hose. Leave wire hanging. There re is a conversion pipe that uses existing hose, but that part costs more than just replacing with a 96' hose.

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