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  1. Grass buildup when removing the condenser.
  2. I have over 165,000 miles on my 5.3L 14 Sierra Z-71 4wd. No catch can. I have done routine maintenance on the truck myself. Regular oil changes with Mobile 1 extended life with the larger mobil 1 filter. Plugs and wire at 100,000 miles, flushed brake fluid, and did front and rear brake pads at 120,000 miles, put in a new condenser myself at 150,000 miles, it cracked, I believe due to parking on a slope with the front facing down, 5 hour job to fix. I had already put dye in the system to find leaks, because its easier to find a leak if the dye is already in the truck before it springs a leak. It was also a good time to blow out all the leaves and grass and bugs out of the radiator with a water hose. I did transfer case fluid and, front differential fluid at 110,000. Transmission fluid and filter at 90,000. I flushed the dexcool out at 145,000 and put new dexcool back in it. Just did rear differential and checked on brakes again but did not replace them at 164,000. I also replaced the left front seat actuator, and have the ventillated seat pads to replace drivers side heated and cooled seats.

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