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  1. Change the fluid early and they still should have lubricity, and less metal in the fluid, by the change interval the fluid is worn out, and has little metal debris floating in it, and on the magnetic plug, 30-50k Acdelco Dexron VI transmission fluid, for the transfer case and the same stuff for the transmission, just a preference because its what came in the truck. Mine is a 14 Gmc sierra 4x4 Slt 5.3, Z71. I changed out the dexcool at about 145,000. Used the Acdelco concentrated and mixed 50/50 water, after flushing with distilled water. Probably could have done that sooner as it looked bad, and had some minor electrolysis. The front and rear diffs were easy on mine as well, I did the rear around 150,000 and the front sooner around 120-130,000. I replaced the brake fluid around 120,000 or so and it needed changing, it was very dark, when new fluid is almost clear.
  2. This may, or may not apply: Check the camera that is attached to the rear view mirror and the windshield. When my windshield was replaced, the camera stopped working, kept getting service stabilitrack message, and I believe the abs message, too, and lane departure rumbler in the seat stopped working. I unplugged the camera and ran the truck and later reattached the cable to the camera, and it reset itself. I ended up keeping the two plastic trim pieces off and the Stabilitrack issues went away. 14 Gmc Sierra Slt. Picture is upside down.
  3. Photo of grass and bugs between radiator and condenser. Picture is again upside down.
  4. When my condenser went at around 150,000 miles on my 14 GMC Sierra SLT, it looked like this. I had already vaccumed it down when I got the truck sometime in 15, and added a can of dye. Crack in the drivers side condenser at the weld. My picture is flipped upside down. I also cleaned out all the bugs and grass from between the radiator and condenser . I replaced it myself, I had the a/c vaccum pump and gauges, and the jiffy tite connectors for the transmission lines on each side of the condenser. Took about 5 hours to complete and at the time the condenser was $107 at amazon.
  5. I have over 165,000 miles on my 5.3L 14 Sierra Z-71 4wd. No catch can. I have done routine maintenance on the truck myself. Regular oil changes with Mobile 1 extended life with the larger mobil 1 filter. Plugs and wire at 100,000 miles, flushed brake fluid, and did front and rear brake pads at 120,000 miles, put in a new condenser myself at 150,000 miles, it cracked, I believe due to parking on a slope with the front facing down, 5 hour job to fix. I had already put dye in the system to find leaks, because its easier to find a leak if the dye is already in the truck before it springs a leak. It was also a good time to blow out all the leaves and grass and bugs out of the radiator with a water hose. I did transfer case fluid and, front differential fluid at 110,000. Transmission fluid and filter at 90,000. I flushed the dexcool out at 145,000 and put new dexcool back in it. Just did rear differential and checked on brakes again but did not replace them at 164,000. I also replaced the left front seat actuator, and have the ventillated seat pads to replace drivers side heated and cooled seats.
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