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  1. I guess I'm a little late to seeing all the replies on here, but I have the subscription and performed the service myself with the MDI. The only thing I can't quite get a straight answer from GM about is how to mark the recall as complete on the truck in case I sell it (unlikely) or wish to avoid any further notifications that there's an open recall for it. I am curious as well as to being reimbursed for the service. The lady I talked to at GM said the same thing, but how would you go about this? Seeing as how my dealer decided to tell me that my A/C condenser wouldn't be covered, then having to do it myself, plus the vacuum pump failing because of a design flaw (or whatever prompted the redesign), GM owes me money
  2. I know the blow-back I'll probably get from this, seeing as how it's a free service, but having the MDI and software to reprogram the EBCM for the recent brake recall and a general hatred for the dealer, I decided just to do it myself. Everything went fine, I already have the new vacuum pump on it anyway after it failed 25K miles ago, but are there any techs or anyone here that knows about marking the recall as complete or is this something that HAS to be done by the dealer? I have the warranty claim code, which it says is required to confirm that the programming was completed, but this is the first car I've really ever bothered to work with programming and such. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. So I tried searching in the forum and I'm not sure if it's working right, but I only found one post that addressed this, but the OP I guess gave up on it. I apologize if this post is a repeat. I have a 2015 Sierra 1500 AT and I love everything about it.... except a couple of things I'm working on adding (leveling kit (done), larger tires (done), trailer brake, wireless charger, any mods I can do to the touch screen, etc.). One of those would be a trailer brake control. I would really like to avoid having to use an aftermarket switch, but in doing the research, the wiring harness in the truck won't allow for the addition of the factory module and I don't want to have to try to figure out how to reprogram the ECU to show up on the dash. So, I have to go aftermarket. I purchased the Hopkins Insight controller to try to avoid having the bulky box near my legs but got to thinking how I can adapt the factory switch (which I ordered) to work with the Hopkins controller. First issue, there's a third button for the Hopkins that the OEM module doesn't have, which isn't a big deal, I can figure that one out. Second, and main issue, is the rheostat or slider switch. I will end up doing some testing on it but I wanted to see if anyone has had any experience with this or might know where I can find the specifications or diagrams for both the OEM switch and the Hopkins. My goal is to hide as much of this aftermarket install as I can, minus the display and third button. @pgamboa I thankfully stumbled upon your videos awhile back and was wondering where you obtained your electrical connectors? I want to be able to attach the factory switch as clean as possible and wanted to try to find the right connectors. Thank you!
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