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  1. I just ordered an AT4 with the 6.2. I have had that motor in my previous three trucks and really like it. However I have been going back and forth on 3.0 Diesel for mileage/range and the fact every truck reviewer and owner seems to love that engine. This would be my first diesel and only tow occasionally and its not too late for me to switch the powertrain. I spend a lot of time near the Canadian border here in Minnesota and often see winter temps -20F and colder and am worried about fuel gelling and DEF freezing up. I am aware of the fuel additives and don't always have the opportunity to plug in. I have a good friend who constantly had issues with his RAM Cummins gelling up and has sworn off diesels for extreme cold conditions. I am sure GM sells a lot of these powertrains in Canada so maybe I am off base with these concerns. Thoughts? Experiences?
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