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  1. 6.6 gas

    It could. I'd also say that if he can drive in a way that gets 16.0 out of a 6.0 he should be getting 18+ out of the 6.4.
  2. 6.6 gas

    16 mpg out of a 6.0??
  3. 6.6 gas

    Stick your head in the sand if you want but it does happen. 15-16 mpg hand calculated 6.4 ram, chevy 6.0 under similar conditions was 11-12.
  4. 6.6 gas

    The technology and engineering in these trucks has been increasing at an impressive rate, to the point we have 400hp plus gas engines and 6+ speed transmissions, in some cases 8 or 10 speed. Some brands have cylinder shutoff in their HD gas engines. All this combined adds up to increasingly higher efficiency: more and more power on similar or less fuel per hp produced. Yet overall mileage for these trucks isn't getting significantly better, because as stated they have gotten bigger, taller, and heavier. Here's a thought: let's make these trucks similar in size to the 2000-2007 GM HD trucks. You know, back when they weren't the size of a 5 ton truck and you could actually reach over the bedside. You can't tell me that, with modern engineering, we couldn't make them that size with the same strength as today's trucks. The same thing goes for half tons too, imo.
  5. 6.6 gas

    "Gets just as good mileage as any other gas HD engine." Well if you mean some of the worst than sure. Ford's 6.2 will do a touch better, while the Ram 6.4 isn't even close. Guys I know with that engine are 3-5 mpg better than the 6.0 under similar driving.
  6. Silverado HD revealed

    Didn't I read somewhere that the has 6.6 will have DFM too? I don't mind the looks of that LTZ. If it had a bowtie on the front grill it would look a lot better.
  7. So a guy has to go all the way up to a high country trim level just to get a bowtie on the front grille? Really GM??
  8. engine stop start

    No start / stop feature on the 2015 Ford's...
  9. Yep. And that's another thing that runs me the wrong way with this new body style. Went and test drive a custom trail boss. It still had the 6 speed, no 8 speed. No keyless entry. It had the jump seat, which is fine, however there is now no more storage under the armrest when the seat is flipped down. And what I was most surprised with, the carpet flooring didn't even come all the way to the middle seat. There was a nice big gap where you could see the paint of the cab floor. All that for a sticker price of over $50k. 🙃🙃
  10. Honestly if I was choosing between the big three right now it would be Chevy or Ram. Used to be a die hard Chevy guy but the ever increasing price tag while getting fewer features is turning me off. And after having a Ram as a work vehicle... there not all that bad. Ford makes a good truck. But the current and previous body style; no matter what I did there was no way I could get comfortable in the driver's seat. I see people complaining about GM seats and really want to ask them if they've ever sat in a Ford. Imo it's like sitting on a piece of plywood.
  11. For every truck guy that lifts their truck and adds tires, I would bet there would be over 50x as many trucks that stay completely stock. Either sold to commercial users or individuals who don't mod their truck. And I guarantee those buyers will be looking at fuel economy. For everyone saying it doesn't matter since it's a truck, I say if your in the financial position to not worry about it then fine. Frankly, if I'm spending upwards of $5000/yr on fuel, I will damn sure be paying attention if one brand gets noticeably different economy than another.
  12. Yeah this looks better. Problem is the other front end that we have pics of isn't even the basic WT trim level, it's the LT. For Chevy 's biggest trim level, volume wise, too look like that?? Not good.
  13. My HD grille fix

    Just stretch the grille vertically a bit and shrink the bumper and that would look great.
  14. Silverado HD revealed

    It's like they spent 99% of their design budget and forgot about the front end and whipped it up in 10 minutes on photoshop. It's too bad because I really like the 2019 Silverado 1500. There was a lot of potential here.

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