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  1. Anyone have an update on the part number or replacement part in gloss black?
  2. Don't buy the plugs from Sharp Truck! Unless you only want them for the front they won't work. The rear fenders have two layers of steel and the plugs aren't long enough to secure them with a speed nut.
  3. Thank you for voicing your opinion I was very curious what you thought. If I was towing or hauling something that heavy I wouldn’t have bought a 1500 in the first place. Not to mention you can adjust your lights in about 10 seconds. Not sure why you felt the need to take a dig at me but hey, you just do you.
  4. Any update on a release date/manufacturer? I want these things gone already!!!!
  5. I pulled the blocks on my 2017 and was able to reuse the factory u bolts no problem. I am about to buy a new trail boss and want to pull those blocks right away, the rear sits way too high. If someone has done this, post some pics.
  6. I currently have the chrome and am looking for black if anyone is willing to trade. In northern california.
  7. Has anyone with a 2017+ 8-speed had luck with the Trifecta tune?
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