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  1. I wanted to share my experience to warn others. I ordered a set of running boards from realtruck.com , paid with paypal. I got No email confirmation, No ship estimate, None of the normal communication you get when you buy something, No Nothing. My paypal money actually went to a different ([email protected]) place during the event of the purchase. I emailed where my money went (the paypal email address) and got a rejected, un-deliverable response. I tried again with the same results. Next I asked paypal to try to help and ended up filing a claim for a deadbeat seller with paypal. Paypal investigated ,found the seller at fault, and gave me my money back. All of this took over a month. Then a week later a shipping company calls and tries to deliver them. I refused, as I had already bought another set and did not want what was not rightfully mine. Anytime you google search for running boards, they are on top of the list, as I guess they pay for that function. I didn't try to contact realtruck themselves as my paypal money did not got there.
  2. I don't trust the dealer search finding a match. Search on your own. I ordered with a 6-8 week hand shake promise. 10 weeks later I found the exact truck at a different dealer and they WANTED to get rid of it. The only thing missing was remote start, and that was added. Just having your dealer tell you they can't find one doesn't add up. All dealers won't do a trade with them for what they have they need to get rid of. They won't tell you it is somewhere that they can't deal with. They also told me when I ordered, no big deal, we can sell it easy if you don't want it. At 5 weeks I started asking of updates once a week. They were frustrated with me for just asking for an update. I saved 3k, drove 100 miles, and don't feel bad at all about bailing on the ordered one. Customer service ain't what it used to be.
  3. The tow ratings generally figure flat land, no wind, ideal conditions, max towing. If you have hills, wind ect. I try to stay at 50% of the sticker if it's a regular towing job for you. For once in a while, 75% would probably be ok. The worst part of towing a TT with a half ton for me was not the power. When you get into the wind and a semi passes you pulling you into the next lane it sux. (been there)
  4. The main thing is go the last few days of the month. They have quota's to meet. If they don't deal this month, they might next month. Search online for the cheapest price nation wide on the truck you want, and make them match the price. It took me 2 months to find a dealer willing to match price with one they had in stock. Have some patience and be willing to walk away from it.
  5. Not used to seeing 3 fuse panels on a truck. Mine has the under hood and one on each side of the dash. No relays on either side of the dash though. Older ones had 2 fuse locations.
  6. You made me go pop the hood on my 2018. It looks the same. Mini fuses, maxi fuses, mini and larger relays. all of them unlpug . This is the fuse panel under the hood drivers side
  7. I have not worked on a new one, but on the last generation the control module supplies ground to activate relays. They are powerd on all the time. Your owners manual will tell you which relays do what and normally you can switch with one that works something else for a test. Yes, relays are throw away and not servicable. Either way if it's an issue from the repair, take it back and let them handle it.
  8. The gm unit has a tiny window. I do trim work on houses and sometimes need to carry 16 to 20 ft trim. With a sliding glass, I can wrap a towel on the front and lay it on the dash. I'm interested in this larger rear window also.
  9. I have a 2500 gmc on order, BUT, if you want a smooth riding half ton truck go test drive a ram. The truck I'm getting rid of is a 1500 ram and it's the closest ride to a car, out of a truck that I have seen. In the 3/4 ton trucks the rams ride terrible and thats why i have a gmc ordered. On the chevy's, I have a neighbor that has a 14 and a 16 both 1500's. He loves the 14 and hates the 16 with the engine and tranny changes. On your current truck breaking..... they all break. That's why all of the dealers have repair shops. I'm not brand loyal, I have had them all. Best overall trouble free truck I have had was a ford. It is more what fits what I need a the time and who has the best fit. That's why when you said 1500 and smooth ride, I say ram.
  10. you are losing spark. this causes excess unburned gas in the exhaust. when the unburned gas ignighted, that was the back fire. Ignition pick up coil in the bottom of the distributor most likely culprit. It's right there with the module under the rotor. I usually replace both and use delco (gm) parts Ken (retired master tech)
  11. struggled enough to where he sold the truck. boat was 5k pounds. I don't buy the 4% notion. On paper maybe, but it's a leverage thing. He should have just went back to stock. It would have been much cheaper. lol
  12. It will be a struggle. My son did the same thing. Then he sold the truck because it struggled pulling his boat.
  13. oil pressure sensor or wiring to it. The ecm gives it a shot of fuel with a pulse of the fuel pump relay when it first starts. The oil pressure switch is a safety thing. If you get in a crash and loose oil pressure, the fuel pump will cut off. Anyway if the oil pressure switch is not showing pressure, it will not hold the fuel pump on. Most of those have two oil pressure switches. One for the manual guage and one for the ecm. Make sure you get the right one.
  14. I don't want to put things in your head. You could also describe "I have some concerns" What exactly is your problem and have you taken it to the dealer?
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