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  1. Tune up?

    *update* So I took it back on Sat and they took out all plugs and had to re-gap them I guess. Now the truck is purring as smooth as when I first got it. Thanks again for all your feedback, this forum is a great place for guys like me.
  2. Tune up?

    Thanks fellas, appreciate all the feed back.
  3. Tune up?

    Ah, good to know. Thanks a lot man
  4. Tune up?

    Hey guys sorry just got home from work. That is exactly my feeling, I believe it’s the wires or plugs as I really didn’t have bad idle issues other than the occasional slight dip while at a light but not very noticeable. I am dropping it off Sat andtheyre gonna pull them all out and check. But this is very noticeable, almost like it’s lacking fuel. Thanks again!
  5. Tune up?

    New plugs, wires, air filter and oil change. Thanks.
  6. Hello all, I just had my 14 Silverado tunes up and it now feels like it’s wanting to shut off while idling at a stop light. It feels like a fuel problem instead of a rough idle
  7. Ray’s 2014 Chevy Silverado

    Hey there would definitely like to see how the foot well lights turned out and see the install. Thanks.

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