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  1. I would leave it as is and only buy gas. That truck is gorgeous as is. Every artist has to know when to stop.
  2. Running Boards & Bed Liner

    I went with the bed liner and tonneau cover from chevy. Probably over spent but what he heck. Went with these running boards. https://www.amazon.com/N-Fab-HPD1584CC-TX-Podium-Textured-Diameter/dp/B074SRD6S2 Love the look and very sturdy. Cheaper and better built than the ones from dealer
  3. Blacked out pillars

    As others have said. Your truck, your money. If you like it then do it. Me personally, I think it looks ridiculous. I like it the way it is, but that is my opinion. That and $2.50 will buy you a medium coffee at Dunkin Donuts.
  4. My new 2018, SLE Regular Cab

    You can have both those vehicles. I love both my truck and bike. I want that garage!
  5. Best Car Wax and Technique.

    I just heard of paint sealant and going to give it a try. Wax lasts only 6 - 8 weeks where sealant lasts 6 - 6 months. My plan will be to seal once in the spring and once in the fall. I will wax every spring summer and fall. I pay $25 a month and have unlimited washes at the local car wash. Great for wehen the salt is on the road and the wax is getting a bit on the thin side
  6. Z71 ?

    I googled gm part number 23176881 and found many dealers that are selling this. Some under $200
  7. 2" level on stock 20" tire size?

    Is that with stock wheels?
  8. Titan rear sliding window

    The only time I open the rear window is when the rear passengers open their windows. It eliminates the buffeting.
  9. Titan rear sliding window

    Why would someone want to do this mod? I am not trying to sound flippant, I just don't understand why this is a want when GM has one that will fit perfectly
  10. Put your truck in manual mode at the second to highest gear, (L5 on a 6 speed) and drive around to see if you can hear this sound. If not then it is the flapper valve. You can turn off the afm many different ways covered many different times on this forum.
  11. Door ajar

    Are you sure you picked up the right truck? I hope this was don at he dealer so they can fix the issues they made
  12. Not sure how far are willing to travel but look up www.quirkchevy.com. they are located on the Braintree, Quincy line in Massachusetts. This is where I bought my truck and they had the lowest prices I could find around here. Quirk is huge around here selling just about every vehicle made. They sell a ton of Chevy's.
  13. On the contrary. I find I can hear them clearer through the truck than on my s8. My wife says that it is crystal clear ion her end. I have a 18 ltz though
  14. Help me pick my oem 22's

    I agree with diyer, but if you must spend your money, not sure of the numbers, but the first one you show rocks
  15. Flapper valve

    I don't mean to hijack the thread but can someone please tell me the meaning of this flapper valve. What is its purpose and is it needed?

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