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  1. I looked over the bushing, and it doesn't seem to be from that. Could it be from the MRC shock?
  2. I have a 2016 Yukon Denali , with 65k on it and it just started making a bushing rubber type sound from the front right. I took a look and it looks like the lower shock bushing is deteriorating ( breaking apart). The left side looks good no issues. Anyone else have this experience?
  3. I agree economy is going along smoothly, while I don't have a "trump " flag out in front of my house, there is no denying it is in large part because he is in the white house. I also believe AMERICA IS GREAT.
  4. Maybe if you looking at the RST package vs the Durango, but then you could also look at the Cherokee SRT,. Thats a different class I actually set out to get the 6.2L in the suburban in 2015. But the only way to get the 6.2 and the 8 speed transmission, Magnetic ride control was to bump up to the Denali package on the Yukon XL. I knew I would be towing with it, and the 5.3 in my 2000 tahoe was weak. Even when I test drove the newer 5.3 and 6 speed trans. There was no comparison to the 6.2 with the 8 speed. The magnetic ride control is also worth getting. A to more stable going down the road towing. No sway. I would think the 10 speed would be even better. But best to make sure there are no bugs, and wait a year IMO.
  5. Wow, I paid less for my Yukon Denali XL , than that 74k . You get way more luxury with the GMC. The 6.2 is a beast. No comparison between it, and the Ford, or even the ole 5.3. It will be interesting to see what the new navigator will step up with for power.
  6. My point is hardly anyone is going to go out and get a first gen camaro and spend at least 20k for a secondary car that they won't be able to use as a daily driver, if needed. It is much more practical to get into a new Camaro SS especially when you figure in financing is easier to get. BUT who is going to do it if the car is ugly? (nobody, except the tuners *maybe). The only saving grace about a ugly 6.5 gen is it makes my first and 5th gen more desirable...
  7. Oh BTW I own 2 69 Camaros, and was totally excited by the introduction of the 5th gen. I still like my 2010 SS. There are many first gen owners out there who felt the same and ponied up the money for the 5th gen. There are many people who could not afford to get a first gen, and bought a 5th gen because it reminded them of the first gens. This is the market Chevrolet leaves behind with these poor designs.
  8. I think Chevrolet missed the mark (again). The 5th Gen nailed it, in a lot of ways with some retro styling cues, but still moved the ball forward. There was a huge swell among car enthusiasts, The price was right and they moved a ton of them. Now I understand they had a lot longer to develop the 5th Gen, and since there wasn't a current model, they could release many prototype pics and not hurt current sales. Even though the 5th Gen hit a home run with the outward appearance, there was still room for improvements. Yes, Chevrolet cut weight with the 6th Gen, which was a no brainer, but after that, they decided to start going to far to other side of the spectrum with designs that looked too modern. I am not going to chastise them for pushing the envelope, but clearly they missed the mark. To me both the 2016 and 2019 versions of the car, do not bring to mind "Camaro". The only thing that defines it as a Chevrolet is the bow tie. You remove the bow tie and it looks like a KIA, Lexus or Subaru. Maybe this is the genius thinking at Chevrolet to get some of that market? I think you stick with what your good at, building muscle cars! Look at Dodge, hardly doing anything (looks wise) with the Challenger. A small tweak here and there and then adding a ton of power. They know who their customer market is and what they want. Is it a heavy, nostalgia looking, power monster? Yes. If I had my wish, I would tell Chevrolet to go back make another different retro version of the car, with light weight materials, but maybe a different belt line and more glass so visibility is improved. If you really want to garner some excitement, make a true 2 door hardtop this time with rear functional windows that go down. The power side is great, keep making small (or big) improvements there. But if you want to sell many cars, you have to have a look that is going to really get your hard core Camaro fans on board. Nothing is going to accomplish that unless it conjures up visions of the first gen. Al Oppenheiser I hope you start putting as much time into the Camaro as the General invests in the Corvette. From where I sit it looks like lipstick on a pig. Thats my 2 cents
  9. Ok, I have a 2016 Yukon XL Denali, and after having the signal disappear a couple times in 2017, now I have the red light on my ONSTAR mirror and my GPS says I am 50 miles away and can not locate me. I called GM and asked about the recall 15155 and they said my vin number was not part of that recall. The only thing I could do is have my case escalated for the time being and I now have a 48hr wait to see if a supervisor can investigate the matter. I told the representative that I was experiencing similar issues as mentioned in the service bulletin, except I haven't seen any water inside the car. She said then it is not the same issue then. So after I got off the phone I went outside and inspected the antenna. I thought well maybe it doesn't have a tight seal to the roof? As soon as I started inspecting the rubber seal and nudged it with my fingers a decent amount of water came out. There is a weep hole in the rubber but it is on the back (high side). The water appeared to be pooling in the front. (the lowest point). We have a 2000 Tahoe with approx 250K miles on it, and the thing runs like a champ. The LS motor is what sold me. I purposely purchased this car a year after it was released so they would have worked out all the bugs. Between the the roof bow/noise issue, and some other things, I think they figured it out by the time we purchased ours. I have been really happy with this vehicle so far. The 6.2L LS and 8 speed transmission, with the MRC has been as good as expected. Even getting on average about 17-18 MPG around town, and 22 MPG on the freeway. I hope GM will take care of this issue with the antenna, so we can continue on with it for many years to come.
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