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  1. Ya I won’t be doing that lol. I’ll grab some straps With clips and running it under the header so I can still secure it.
  2. So the other day I went to roll my cover up and as I went to secure the cover with the Velcro straps that are sewn into the cover one of them rips. Now truxedo just told me it’s be around $140 +shipping to repair/replace the strap. I refuse to pay that and of course I didn’t register the cover and don’t have the receipts. Anyone else have this issue and what did you use to replace the broken strap?
  3. My plastic piece that goes around the bar that attaches the tailgate to the bed just broke also. 16 Silverado with 18k on it. Where did you guys find the part and was it just as easy as slipping it on to replace it?
  4. I actually have an extra box of those holders lol. Maybe some 3m automotive tape would work. I was looking for something slightly less permanent. I was looking at something like this. Just not sure which type of nut/bolts were used on the rail.
  5. So I have a standard bed with Line-X on a 1500 Silverado. I’m looking for a DIY for fishing rod holders that will be inside the bed since I have a cover. I would prefer to have the rods run along the inside of the bed over the wheel wells. Maybe something that will attach to the rail or something? Not really sure, pretty much looking for ideas. Has anyone do anything allg these lines?
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