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  1. Anyone have opinions on the newer 10spd tranny. Seems to be an improvement from what I’ve seen so far and most like it far more than the 8spd.
  2. If you don’t want to delete the mag ride, OEM is your only choice I believe. The Arnott shock bypasses the electrical connection for the mag ride control. I personally don’t have experience with it but this is what the description on their website says. Just clarifying for you the only way to maintain mag ride is OEM. I have a 2009 Escalade ESV with mag ride and researched this when replacing my rear shocks not long ago.
  3. I’ve heard the woes about the Escalade and Denali 8spd transmission problems. That said I’ve really wanted to steer away from it and looking more for a 5.3L with SLT package and towing pkg to get the 3.42 gears. I will be towing a boat and have a family of six so the extra power and torque is important to me. So question is, how bad is that 8spd tranny really? Also, I don’t hear many issues from either the 6.2 or 5.3 engines other than the AFM problems. I plan to disable that whatever I get. I’ve got a 2009 EscaladeESV now and love the 6.2 in it.
  4. Is the 8-speed tranny in the 6.2’s almost guaranteed to have these kinds of issues? Sorry, not looking to threadjack but very interested I a used one myself
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