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  1. did you end up getting them torqued down? if so, did it help with your alignment?
  2. also if you're worried about messing up your paint and have some extra cash, i suggest adding some clear 3m film over areas you think the paint might be hit by rocks and debris
  3. so as far as i've researched on custom offsets, any rim that is the stock or 9 inch wide with +24-27 offset doesn't seem to rub while wrapped with 33x12.50s on just a leveling kit. i can't say for sure as currently i'm driving around some 22 inch gmc snowflake replicas on the 285/45s but i believe i'll get the 33x12.50 ridge grapplers by nitto this weekend and hope i don't have any rubbing. the 305s seem to be a little taller than 33s and i think that may be the reason that they rub. i've been using a calculator from tacomaworld.com to see the differences between width and height and so far my conclusion is that 33s would ride better on stock rims than 305s would despite the fact that the 305s might fill the wheel well better. if i end up getting the ridge grapplers this weekend or anytime soon, i'll come back with pics and explain how it rides. i also wanted to get some aggressive mudflaps but i think adding them might be where the silverado wheel well "draws the line".
  4. I also bought some Morimoto XB LED Fog Lights Buy for my 2014 Silverado. I haven’t installed them yet because I’m still buying all the parts that I need to make them work. So far I have: •Fog lights •oem bumper with fog cut outs •gen5diy harness Still need to buy the brackets and bezels and also the adjusting screws. Having difficulty with finding the screw that I circled below in the picture. If anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it!
  5. I actually just installed some Morimoto Elite HIDs on my Silverado about 2 or 3 weeks ago now. First problem was that I initially only connected one bulb to the HD Relay and the other to the OEM input because I couldn’t get the wires to reach all the way. This caused my driver side light to flicker during the day with the “Auto lights” setting. I ended up finding a better way to get the wires to reach to both bulbs and that fixed the light flickering problem. I also had problems installing the ballasts because I had drilled a hole to mount one of them and I guess they were shorting out or something and wouldn’t let the passenger side light turn on. I ended up using heavy duty 30lb Gorilla tape and zip ties to hold the ballasts down and that ended up solving the problem of my passenger side bulb going out. The only other 2 problems I have with my HIDs is that they make a “buzz” sound when I first turn the lights on, but goes away after a few seconds so it’s not something that really bothers me too much (apparently some ballasts just buzz and it’s normal). Second problem is that whenever I drive over a rough road, the lightbulbs seems to wiggle just a tiny bit as if they are not secured all the way even though they are. Next time I go to make adjustments to the headlights, I’ll see if I can get the bulbs to fit in a little more snug and see if that helps. I also bought some Morimoto XB LED Fog Lights and just today bought a bumper with the fog light cut outs. Just gotta buy the brackets and bezels that hold the fog lights in place and order some adjuster screws (which has been the hardest part). good luck in fixing your HIDs. I love mine so far and I feel a lot more confident driving at night with them.
  6. Not sure if the OP still cares or not but I’m going to try this mod also. I found a harness from GEN5DIY that lets you add power to the fogs from the headlamps. Only downside is that they stay on as long as the headlights are on but that doesn’t really bother me. I also went the aftermarket route and bought some fog lights on sale for the 4th of July from TheRetrofitSource.com because I don’t like the way the oem fogs look and I also wanted my truck to have updated lights as I have updated the front and tails already. Hopefully it all comes out great.
  7. 6500k. I was looking at buying some 5500k Morimoto Elite HIDs with the Memorial Day discount but earlier today, I accidentally ripped the wires out of the harness/housing by trying to fix the aim. Not sure what to do from here but I’m glad I didn’t sell the OEM headlights.
  8. Just recently put some Winjet projector headlights on my 14 Silverado with a set of LEDs. I do remember that the lights would stay on after I locked my truck and the horn beeped back when I had my halogen bulbs. They still do after installing the LEDs. I don’t remember if my lights would turn on during the day when I had the halogens installed.
  9. Whoa those hub caps are really nice looking! Is there any way you could get me a part number or maybe a link to them if possible? I bought some black center caps from GmPartsDirect.com but they were all black and match my truck perfectly but I’d prefer the bow tie to be outlined with the chrome and if possible, have the center to be gold like my bow ties on my truck. Nice truck btw, glad you’re okay after what happened to the other truck
  10. Hey guys I recently bought some Winjets for my Silverado. I went with some Auxbeam LEDs and I’m not so happy with the light output. I’ve readjusted the bulbs to aim as high as I could get them and still disappointed. Gonna see if lowering them just a tad will fix anything and if not, I’m going to buy some H7 HIDs from Morimoto or Diode Dynamics. Was also wondering if anyone knows the size to the amber bulbs? Wanting to switch them out for some LED switchbacks.
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