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  1. Super helpful info, thanks a ton @Jacoby For the truck newbie, I've read quite a bit about gearing and it seems that many people go from the 3.08 or 3.42 (which I have) to a 4.10. Does that seem to be the correct route for day daily driving and some towing? My understanding is that in the higher MPH's, I'd see a few hundred more RPM's but nothing to write home about. Plus, since it's 4WD, I'd need go get both the front and rear done. Other than that, that may make more sense for what I'm trying to accomplish although I'm not opposed to gearing first then adding boost later the two don't go well together. The stage 1 is starting to look more like an option I'd pass for now and if I decided to boost it sooner than later, I'd probably do all of that at the same time to save some money on labor and tuning. One small issue I have is finding a solid shop (so far) that knows how to regear these trucks. I'm sure there's one around but I'm 0/2 so far with ones that handle performance.
  2. My truck with the Carven exhaust system sounds really good as it sits. I've had headers on my Vettes before (Kooks on the last one) and it does step it up quite a bit in sound, more so coming from the engine, of course. I'm not sure if that's something I want in the truck being it is my daily driver and and I occasionally take calls for work when on the road. But, I can't say I've heard any trucks with just bolt'ons, no cam or blower so it may be alright. With that, I also think that just adding the Whipple and running it on 93 is plenty enough to push the factory engine/trans as well as the fuel system. Although I'm a fan of E85, to spend the amount of money to upgrade the fuel system to support it with the Whipple may not make sense for my application. Same with the headers, sure more in more air out but with stock block, trans, fuel system, rear end, etc...is it worth it? Also, there's another 15% Whipple sale coming up right after Christmas so I may have to go against my better judgement and buy it since I didn't pull the trigger during Black Friday =). Spend the $1.5-2.5k money for FBO+E85 on the Whipple instead, and see how that does?
  3. When you say, "just gear it and call it a day", do you mean specifically to skip all the bolt-on's and swap from a 3.42 to say 4.10's?
  4. Hello everyone, I've been lurking here and there as the owner of a 2018 5.3 Z71 1500 SIlverado. Currently the truck has a Carven catback and is tuned using a custom Diablo tune. Although it helped a ton with the transmission shifting, the truck lacks enough torque for me as a daily to consider it a "fun" vehicle to drive. I also tow with it every now and then, around 5k-6klbs and it's been pretty reliable all the way around. With that, I'm ready to do some upgrades in hopes of obtaining more torque for my own personal tastes. Currently what I've been spec'd out is the following and we'll consider this is a full "Stage 1" bolt-on setup: Headers + y-pipe - Was/are considering TSP 1 7/8s and cat-less pipe (I'm in Florida but I'm debating/wondering HOW bad the gas fumes will be without using the hi-flow catted pipe). However, Kooks is having a 20% sale this month and while that still puts it close to 2x the cost, I may go this route for fit and finish and overall sound. Cold Air Intake - By....CAI. Nothing special here, just looking for more air in because of the next "Stage 2" mod of adding a 2.9L Whipple. E85 - Flex Fuel Kit by DSX - I know you can make a "kit" for cheaper, but I've used their kit before on another vehicle and it was hassle-free and easy to install. Re-tuned by HP Tuners (Engine/6-speed trans). AFM is currently disabled and will stay that way. Truck is leveled on 33's (I am looking to lift it, some, eventually. Maybe a 5" kit down the line). I don't/won't drag race the truck, I'm just looking for a more enjoyable daily driven experience. I've considered trading it in for a 6.2 or checking out, um..."other" offerings. But, I like the truck and money wise I think some bolt-ons for now would do the trick to satisfy the itch to modify while giving me some more torque than what I currently have. This "Stage 1" is something I'd like to do this month or maybe Jan 2021, depending on what goes on sale when. The header sale is what while hold me back in terms of getting it all in and installed before Jan 2021. Lastly, this stage is the pre-requisite to adding in the 2.9L Whipple and calling it a day. At this time, I have no desire to go further than that with the truck. Any thoughts on this first stage go-around of mods? Essentially when it's done it would be: CAI, headers + y-pipe, cat-back exhaust, flex-fuel for E85/93 + tuned on HP Tuners. Additionally, I believe I read somewhere that with these trucks, if you add boost (Whipple in my case) and expect to run E85, you'd need to upgrade the fuel system (LT4 pump and other pieces?). If that's the case, I'm still leaning towards running it now since it's readily available in my area, I don't care about MPG, and I've run it in the past 3 performance car's I've owned with nothing but gains with the fuel + proper tuning. However, I'm not sure if it makes sense if I'll have to run 93 when adding the Whipple as I don't think I'd want to upgrade the fuel system unless it's REALLY worth it on the stock block/trans.
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