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  1. Trade in now or wait for 2019???

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I have decided to trade in now before the new ones come out and my truck is worth less, also I'm not a huge fan of the 2019 models. I've decided to go with the Centennial Edition to help make it a little more reasonable to trade in for basically the, "same truck". At least this one will be a special edition with everything I want in it.
  2. Trade in now or wait for 2019???

    If I trade in now I would get a centennial edition so that it’s at least a special edition model of the same truck. I’ve seen my trade in value drop 4 grand in the last 3 months
  3. I have 2016 LT Z71 with 15,000 miles on it. I regret not buying a higher trim. I want to trade it in for an LTZ. Am I better off trading it in now and getting a 2018 or waiting for a 2019? I don’t know how much my truck will drop in value once there is a new model out...
  4. Having trouble finding rims that look good with this paint and setup since I have no chrome on it anywhere. I've had my truck for about a year and a half now. Haven't really found any wheels that I think would look nice with it. I plan to keep it stock height. If I get 20's I'll run 275/55 and if I get 22's I'll run 285/45.... Not sure why it keeps flipping my image when I upload...

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