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  1. So i've done some looking around and it seems that most people are saying that HID's are brighter than LED's. Is this true? I found that the Lasfit lights, they are LED and each bulb is 5000 lumens. HID Concepts has an HID set thats 3600 lumens which is the brightest HID's i can find. HID Concepts has an LED set but they dont list the lumens, and they are actually telling customers that the HID's are brighter. What i've found between lastfit and HID Concepts is that when you look for HID, i cant find higher than 3600 (typically 3200 to 3400) but lumens for LED's are higher, yet everyone says HID's are brighter? I'm feeling like a 3000 lumen HID vs a 3000 lumen LED and the HID would appear brighter (maybe the light carries further?), but for some reason these D5S's are being made brighter as LED's than HID's so the LED's are actually brighter than the HID's if the lumens are higher? I'm a bit confused if you couldnt tell haha
  2. Can you post a link to the DiodeDynamics bulbs? When i look by vehicle on the site, the only headlights are replacement OEM HID's
  3. That Lasfit looks pretty good! I took screenshots of the same part of the road you were on with each and compared them. I have one question that the video (due to quality) makes it really hard to tell. It appears as though the stock HID lights might be better further down the road where the lasfit LED's dont do as good, but do significantly better up close. I paused the video's before you passed that factory looking thing on the left. The road looks like it was repaved and so there's a line, as soon as that disappeared under your hood, i paused it and took the screenshots. After comparing them and rewatching the video, it looked like i might be seeing more detail at a distance with stock vs lasfit. Can you confirm?
  4. Definitely wont be using the rock lights while driving. I'd use them a little for show, but mostly for lighting up the wheel wells so i can see my tires and get any big rocks out of my tires. I'd likely only use these when camping in the woods.
  5. Are you talking about the headlights being tinted? I know they are tinted, i tinted them, and i also mentioned that im fine with the brightness if there's nothing brighter but, i would of course prefer brighter. I like the tinted look, but i also like bright lights. If i have to pick one, i pick the tint and dim lights.
  6. Oh thats super new! Are your headlights tinted or untinted?
  7. Do you have any before and after pictures of the light beams on a wall or garage door or something? I think its the Morimoto kit I found last night that had some pretty bad long term reviews, so i'm curious. Also, how long ago did you install yours?
  8. I have the three lights but havent had a chance to get out there and find a mounting solution for them and my bull bar has been delayed yet again! Originally it was going to ship 7/8, then on 7/8 they changed it to 7/15, and today they changed it to 7/23 so i've emailed the mfg to see whats going on. I've chosen not to go with brush guards and grill guards because they cover so much of the front end. I like the look of the grill and want to be able to see it, but i'd like to have some kind of front-end protection and a bull bar fits the need. I also like the look of them. They add style without taking over the front end.
  9. I'm wondering if anyone has ever replaced these with anything brighter? They are super bright already, but for those of us who have tinted our headlights, it would be nice to have them brighten up a bit. If there's no options to do so, i'd rather keep the lights dim with the tint because of how amazing it looks! But it would be nice to go brighter without having to add a lightbar or anything. Anyone familiar with any options out there? Preferrably 6500k, if they exist.
  10. https://i.imgur.com/IKgGphs.mp4 Not sure how that video is going to show up but its of the 3rd brake light that I added today. When i walk to the side of the truck, before zooming in, you can clearly see the old one with a chrome trim added on laying on the tonneau cover. I also added the chrome tips on the grill. Didnt turn out like i had hoped.... I'm not really sure if i'm going to keep them... I'll rock them for a bit and see what i think in a couple weeks, but here's a picture from the front and an angle of the before (on the left) and the after (on the right):
  11. I just realized i have 2 accounts on here, Mike_D and this one, PMad. Is it possible to get these merged?
  12. Well crap... Apparently i have 2 accounts Well... Here's my latest update, added paint matched fender flares: I've got chrome tips for my grill and a new 3rd break light coming in tomorrow. Here's what the front currently looks like: I'll add the chrome tips and 3rd break light tomorrow, and i have three dual row LED's coming in this weekend to simulate the special ops lighting on the front. I also have a black bull bar and tint for all of lights (headlights, tail lights, fog lights, etc...) coming in by early next week. I'll have pictures when all of that is on the truck.
  13. Thanks for that! That info helps too. I'm using Fuel Assault 20x9's with 33" Toyo Open Country R/T's. I dont have the rollnlock but i'd love one haha, i have a cheaper tri-fold, but it works very well for what i need. I'm not sure of my city vs hwy averages, but my overall averages are what i listed. Maybe i should measure those averages too? That might help with some info. Did you get your speedometer calibrated? You mentioned adding 1" in the rear, how noticable is your rake with that? My goal was to get rid of my rake.
  14. Oh! I forgot about speedometer! I havent had it recalibrated. The back end was never touched, only the front went up 2 inches so i still have an 0.5 inch rake that is damn near unnoticeable. I measure my mpg by the tank, when i fill up, i reset the trip meter. In the last 1/2 tank, the average is pretty much set, it may go up or down 0.2 before 1/4 tank when i fill it back up, but thats typically when i take my reading for that tank of gas. Thanks for the replies!
  15. I totally get that, and i expected a drop, but this is nearly 4mpg. I've seen trucks starting off with even smaller tires then i have go up to 33's and only lose 2 to 2.5mpg, i lost almost 4 and i went from 31's to 33's. It seems too steep, and i can only think of the tire psi possibly being the blame with half my driving being done in the mornings with the PSI at 34 when they should be 37.
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