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  1. So you essentially have an AT4 height suspension, without level. Any rubbing with the 285/65/20?
  2. Anyone running a 1/4” spacer have a part number for the AT4? I am not very experienced in wheel spacers, but want to have the right ones handy in case the 295/60/20 rub on factory wheels or possibly install anyway just to improve stance.
  3. Level kit install

    Ahh I missed that part. I bit the bullet. 1.5" Motofab lower mount for my AT4 and 295/60/20 Ridge Grapplers on factory 20s. I will install level Monday then bring to tire shop for tires and alignment. Update afterwards.
  4. Level kit install

    Very weird to hear that Motofab instructed you to use an upper kit, as the only kit shown for the AT4 / TB on their site is the lower mount 1.5".
  5. Front Level Warranty

    Now that we have feedback, sure.
  6. Level kit install

    I just got off the phone with the Pro Comp technical support rep, and we were just discussing this. It should work. For the record, we were discussing because he said the taller struts are the reason Pro Comp does not recommend their 63235 level for the AT4. He was amazed to hear my dealership is installing and covering under factory warranty.
  7. Just browsing Motofab's site, and it appears they are now making a 1.5" lower mount level kit for the AT4 / Trail boss. Part number CH-15LM-TB. Anyone aware of this, or possibly install it yet? It appears much easier than Rough Country's 1318 which requires a spring compressor.
  8. Everyone stating the 1.5" Motofab on AT4, is this the part number CH-15LM-TB lower mount spacer? It sure looks exactly like the CH-15LM they offer for a regular 4wd 2019, and makes me wonder what qualifies it for the AT4 when others aren't recommending the same level kit for the two vehicles. I believe I am still leaning towards the Rough Country 1318.
  9. Level kit install

    Thank you! I think I am leaning toward the Rough Country 1318, and will allow the local accessory shop to install and pray for no issues or warranty battles.
  10. My 2017 Sierra had a 2" Motofab front level installed by a local accessory shop, and I had unresolved noises and issues which were troubleshooted by the installing shop and my dealership until I got rid of the truck. I traded the truck for a 2019 AT4 and am now very hesitant to level a brand new truck. My dealership is recommending they install the Pro Comp 63235 for $875. They even have a few trucks on the lot with this kit installed. Dealer says they will stand by factory warranty if they do the work, but Pro Comp says this kit is not rated for the AT4, so I am hesitant to go this route. The local accessory shop is quoting the only kit made for the AT4 - Rough Country Sku: 1318 for $350. My end goal is to level the front and go with 295/65/20 (35.1") or 295/60/20 (33.9") Nitto Ridge Grapplers, but my concerns are warranty and sacrificing ride quality. The noises and constantly chasing issues made me hate driving my previous truck. Has anyone ever been denied OEM warranty work due to an after market front level? Rough Country says to contact them immediately if this would be the case, but the "Warranty Guard" fine print looks like the beginning of a run-around. I appreciate any thoughts and experiences.
  11. Rough Country AT4 level kit

    Here is my research: 1). Dealer installed Pro Comp 63235 for $875. Dealer says they will stand by factory warranty if they do the work, but Pro Comp says this kit is not rated for the AT4. 2). Local accessory shop installed Rough Country Sku: 1318 for $350. If the dealer were to void warranty because of this mod, RC's website fine print says the owner is responsible for having a dealership fix the truck, and then contacting Rough Country to prove the malfunction was caused by the lift kit. This raises caution and sounds like the beginning of a "blame-game" or "run-around" to me. My end goal is to level the front and go with 295/65/20 (35.1") or 295/60/20 (33.9") Nitto Ridge Grapplers, but my concerns are warranty and sacrificing ride quality. Any thoughts?
  12. Level kit install

    So far I only see 1 front level "approved" by the manufacturer for the AT4 -- Rough Country SKU: 1318. My dealership has 3 leveled AT4s on the lot, and states the level kit will remain under factory warranty if installed and aligned by them for $875. I am yet to verify this part number and take measurements of the trucks on their lot (I am away at work for a couple of weeks), but the parts department just stated they are using Pro Comp part number 63235, a 2.25" level. Any thoughts?
  13. Rough Country AT4 level kit

    I installed Motofab's 2" level myself on my 2017. I am very mechanically inclined and had no issues during the install. Loud popping noises started while turning after about 1,000 miles. I also had both lower control arms come loose (bolts not even hand tight) twice. The control arm bolts were not touched during the install. The dealership and two local accessory shops chased the popping noise for 30,000+ miles until I traded the truck. They continued to tell me everything was correct, and they could not locate the source of the noise. I am paying the dealership if I level my AT4, and it will be under factory warranty this time. With that being said, I have personally put eyes on three AT4s currently on the lot with dealer installed level kits. I guess this is the option for me, but my main question was about the kit they are using not being rated for the AT4 by the manufacturer. I think you have cleared it up for me.
  14. Rough Country AT4 level kit

    My dealership has a couple of AT4s on the lot that are leveled. I called and asked about a dealer installed front level and voiding my warranty. The dealer wants $875 to install the level / alignment, and says it will remain under full factory warranty. The part number they game me is Pro Comp 63235. Pro Comp's website says this part is not for the AT4. Any thoughts? I have not raised this to my dealership yet, as I am working for a couple more weeks before I will be home to install anyway.
  15. PO50D

    I purchased fuel this morning at a Chevron station in Houston, TX. Immediately upon restart after fueling I had an engine light on the dash. Before driving home tomorrow (700+ miles), I had Autozone run the code. It is P050D. 29,546 miles on a 2017

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