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  1. No big deal, but your installer installed the bolts upside down according to manufacturer's recommendation (instructions). I cannot tell in the photo, as your pre-load spacer looks identical to mine, but I wonder if the spacer was also installed upside down (with the chamfer facing up) which resulted in the extra, unwanted lift. My RC 1318 kit leveled my truck perfectly, within 1/16". No biggie, angles still look good, and you got alignment. Congratulations on your extra lift haha.
  2. 2" Rough County 1318 level 295/60R20 (34" x 11.7") Nitto Ridge Grapplers The truck is perfectly level.
  3. 2" Rough County 1318 level 295/60R20 (34" x 11.7") Nitto Ridge Grapplers The ride has not changed, and I am very impressed. The truck is perfectly level, and I have no rubbing; it is very close on the upper control arm at full lock. I am impressed with the CV and upper ball joint angles.
  4. I am contemplating adding BORA hub centric wheel spacers for a slightly more aggressive look only. I only want to space a little, as I do not want rock chips on the rocker panel and lower doors. I also do not want to cut or modify factory lugs. Because of this, I am interested in a hub-centric spacer that only fits over the factory lug without providing new lugs. I know my needed wheel spacer specifications are as follows: 6 x 139.7 pattern 78.1mm hub 106mm bore This raises a few questions in which I seek your expert opinion. 1. Does only adding spacers without any additional changes require a front-end alignment? 2. Do you know the maximum distance spacer I can safely add utilizing the factory lugs with the OEM wheel? 3. I have no rubbing; they are for looks only. On factory lugs, I am assuming it would be close to a 0.500" maximum. Would the minimal spacer even be noticeable (worth it)?
  5. 2" Rough Country 1318 level 295/60R20 (34" x 11.7") Nitto Ridge Grapplers View of CV angle and two half-decent views of upper ball joint (tires are straight in top photo, and wheel is at full lock in the second photo).
  6. 2" Rough Country 1318 level 295/60R20 (34" x 11.7") Nitto Ridge Grapplers The truck is perfectly level.
  7. 2" Rough Country 1318 level 295/60R20 (34" x 11.7") Nitto Ridge Grapplers AMP Powersteps BAKFlip MX4 bed cover I have no rubbing, but it is very close on the upper control arm. The ride has not changed, and the truck is perfectly level. I am very impressed with the upper ball joint and CV angles. More pics to follow.
  8. Rough Country 1318 2” front level with 295/60R20 (34s)
  9. So you essentially have an AT4 height suspension, without level. Any rubbing with the 285/65/20?
  10. Anyone running a 1/4” spacer have a part number for the AT4? I am not very experienced in wheel spacers, but want to have the right ones handy in case the 295/60/20 rub on factory wheels or possibly install anyway just to improve stance.
  11. Ahh I missed that part. I bit the bullet. 1.5" Motofab lower mount for my AT4 and 295/60/20 Ridge Grapplers on factory 20s. I will install level Monday then bring to tire shop for tires and alignment. Update afterwards.
  12. Very weird to hear that Motofab instructed you to use an upper kit, as the only kit shown for the AT4 / TB on their site is the lower mount 1.5".
  13. Now that we have feedback, sure.
  14. I just got off the phone with the Pro Comp technical support rep, and we were just discussing this. It should work. For the record, we were discussing because he said the taller struts are the reason Pro Comp does not recommend their 63235 level for the AT4. He was amazed to hear my dealership is installing and covering under factory warranty.
  15. Just browsing Motofab's site, and it appears they are now making a 1.5" lower mount level kit for the AT4 / Trail boss. Part number CH-15LM-TB. Anyone aware of this, or possibly install it yet? It appears much easier than Rough Country's 1318 which requires a spring compressor.
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