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  1. Has anyone out there tried any aftermarket power fold mirrors? Used one are getting expensive.
  2. 05 Silverado oem seat covers

    Also, these are for power drivers seat.
  3. 05 Silverado oem seat covers

    As far as I can see, they are in perfect condition. I assume once they are installed the wrinkles will go away.
  4. 05 Silverado oem seat covers

    I would guess it would fit. I’m not sure about the back seat. I believe I have everything but the arm rest covers. I would like to get 200 plus shipping for the whole lot. Let me know if you’re interested, and I will get them out of the attic, and send you a picture. Thanks Paul
  5. I have a complete set of pewter oem factory front and rear seat covers for a 05 and 06 Silverado.They fit front buckets and rear fold down seat. I bought these in 2006 when I burnt my seat with a cigarette. I never used them. They have been in my attic for the last 12 years in a sealed plastic tote. Let me know if you are interested. They are brand new!
  6. Does anybody out there know if you can retrofit power tailgate lock? Maybe Pgamboa. Thanks
  7. Thanks to PGambo. I installed my new console in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Start to finish. Phil’s video and harness was the best way to go. Thanks Pgamboa. You make things way easy with your knowledge and your videos. Thanks, talk to when I do my next upgrade.
  8. I have for sale new take off seat covers from my 2005 Silverado extended cab 4 door. I bought them in 2005 because of a cigarette burn I put in my new seat and never used them. Any interest let me know. Thanks
  9. Hey Phil, I’m new to this site. I just bought a console for my 15 Silverado and I guess I need to buy your pnp harness. I need help with what ordering one. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Paul

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