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  1. Hi everyone, I am about to buy a 2014 Crew Cab SIlverado LTZ and talked to my local shop who I've done business with for 20 yrs. He told me that on 2014-2016 GM half tons with lifts and leveling kits the traction control often comes on when cornering hard/fast. Has anyone had any of these issues and if so is there a remedy?
  2. If you could keep a rough track of the hours or at least number of days, weeks, months, that the Silver Stars last, it'd be appreciated. I have the H-9 conversion. They have a Sylvannia life rating of 120 hrs. I would but i can almost gaurentee the truck will be sold by the time they burn out. (I drive about 3 miles to and from work 5 days a week...well 4 this year with budget cuts) I only keep my vehicles about 1-2 years so.. 2 years would be about 80 hours if my calculations are correct. They lasted at least 60hours before I sold be tacoma... but those were not h11's
  3. Just put in the H11 Silverstars and it is MUCH BETTER!!! just reach in and it was plug and play!! Passenger side needed to remove the air cleaner box (just loosen the hose clamp and it pops right out.)
  4. Got ya... Thanks On my old tacoma (06) I could power one of the relay pins and then the fogs could be turned on or off with the dash switch as long as the key was on. I chose to use the parking lamp signal as my 12v inplace of a keyed 12v so that they would only be on with my parking lights on. ( but would stay on with my lows and highs.) if I left my parking lights on i could use them at DTRLs Any idea why the switch is no longer active with this mod??
  5. Ok i have a question for you... I assue the headlight relay is powering the foglight relay correct? If so could a person run a wire off the 85 Pin on the foglight relay to a keyed 12V to gain access to run the fogs anytime the vehicle was on?? As in DTRL??? they would also work with lows and highs this way if I am understanding how you did yours? You would also be able to turn them off at the switch if needed i would assume??
  6. thanks everyone!!!!!!! Sounds like a normal removal/replacement... ( I had just heard of having to take off teh grill and the headlamp assemblies out!)
  7. Ok guys.. so My low beams are horrible and want to put in some silverstars and need to know how to replace them. I have heard you have to take off the whole grill just to replace the bulbs?? I have not yet tried or looked but thought i would ask the experts first. any help would be great.......
  8. How do you program the new transponder key? I just got one off ebay and need to get it cut and then programed! thanks in advance!!
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