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  1. Just spoke w/ Corbin at Gmparts now and he can’t find a cable part# the one i gave him was 84023215 green end/grey end usb. Anyone know if the number has changed on this one by chance? Thanks....
  2. Good info. The Vin I am using to order mine is from a 2018 1500 Crew. Anybody have any info or experiences with using a 1500 crew console for a 2500 crew? Haven't ordered just yet. Wondering if his issues is the regular cab? Sounds about right. Anyone?
  3. Thanks for the reply Mr. Gamboa. I have watched your video several times. thats how i found this site as well. Thats a very good video you did, even dummies like me can do this swap out. I saw your parts list and I think your colors and trim is what i have on mine. My window sticker says Jet Black Interior and i have the silver trim throughout. Unless there are different shades of black? Do you have some kind of contact info? I'm not a Facebooker or any other social media type fella, kinda still in the stone age i suppose. I guess i would need to wait to see what console i end up with for you to see what i need is that correct? Anything else you might need. The console i was gonna order is from a 2018 1500 LT using his vin or maybe your parts list.
  4. Found this thread through a google search and decided to sign up. Wanting to go to a full console as well. I just bought a 2015 2500 Crew a few days ago. Was wanting to know are these console interchangeable from a 1500 to a 2500 or vice versa. Same mounting brackets, etc, etc? They appear to be the same just wondering. My brother inlaw has a 2018 1500 with my exact colors that i need so i was just gonna use his Vin# and order his. Anybody ran across this? Looking forward to being a member here. Tons of useful info here, see lots of stuff i wanna do already. Thanks for having me....

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