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  1. Yeah i believe your right. That’s what I’m finding after digging in a little deeper. Thanks for the reply....
  2. I just had one of these given to me. Its an OEM box. My truck didn’t have one in it. My truck is a 2015 2500 Crew. The truck this came from was a 2015 Crew as well. My question is apparently there are 2 brackets that mount this. One on each side. The box has 2 holes in each rear corner for the brackets. The brackets apparently mount to the seat bolts that face up on the floor. Does anyone have a part number for the brackets? I’ve looked everywhere i know to look. I just keep coming up with the storage box but not seeing anything for any hardware. This is a picture of what i keep coming up with. Thanks for any help.
  3. Big thanks to PGamboa for getting my console and everything needed to make it all work. Couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out and dealing with Phil. Top Class fella. One stop shopping for complete console set-up. The easiest way to go.
  4. Just spoke w/ Corbin at Gmparts now and he can’t find a cable part# the one i gave him was 84023215 green end/grey end usb. Anyone know if the number has changed on this one by chance? Thanks....
  5. Good info. The Vin I am using to order mine is from a 2018 1500 Crew. Anybody have any info or experiences with using a 1500 crew console for a 2500 crew? Haven't ordered just yet. Wondering if his issues is the regular cab? Sounds about right. Anyone?
  6. Thanks for the reply Mr. Gamboa. I have watched your video several times. thats how i found this site as well. Thats a very good video you did, even dummies like me can do this swap out. I saw your parts list and I think your colors and trim is what i have on mine. My window sticker says Jet Black Interior and i have the silver trim throughout. Unless there are different shades of black? Do you have some kind of contact info? I'm not a Facebooker or any other social media type fella, kinda still in the stone age i suppose. I guess i would need to wait to see what console i end up with for you to see what i need is that correct? Anything else you might need. The console i was gonna order is from a 2018 1500 LT using his vin or maybe your parts list.
  7. Found this thread through a google search and decided to sign up. Wanting to go to a full console as well. I just bought a 2015 2500 Crew a few days ago. Was wanting to know are these console interchangeable from a 1500 to a 2500 or vice versa. Same mounting brackets, etc, etc? They appear to be the same just wondering. My brother inlaw has a 2018 1500 with my exact colors that i need so i was just gonna use his Vin# and order his. Anybody ran across this? Looking forward to being a member here. Tons of useful info here, see lots of stuff i wanna do already. Thanks for having me....

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