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  1. Bed lighting - wiring?

    Hey guys! First off I’m a newbie and this is my first post. I know he topic is a few months old, but it’s the newest one I can find dealing with the lights..... Now, for the 16-18 Silverado, we know the plug is different than earlier models. GM says the plug is “not available”. But, it is... If you know where to look. After tons of research and flipping through pages, I finally found the 6 Pin Plug. It is made by TE Connectivity, just like the 8 pin plug from earlier models. They only have a few US suppliers. The company I use is called Mouser Electronics. I’ve ordered from them for years. The are located in Texas, so makes it even better for me..lol. You can buy the harness for like $35 or make your own for like $8... Anyhow, below are the TE part numbers for everything you need to build your own custom harness. (Except the wire.. You can use what you want on that.) You can search on Mouser’s website by MFG part # or Mouser’s part#, so these should work!! www.mouser.com X1 6-pin Connector: 1452327-1 X2 Pin : 964273-1 X2 One Wire Seal: 828905-1 X4 Plug(empty hole seal): 828986-1 I ordered double of what I needed of the pins and seals, just in case I made a bad crimp or dropped a plug. (Things happen..lol) Hope this helps!!

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