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  1. Anyone get an 18 Denali

    I picked up a 2018 Denali 6.2L 2WD (Ultimate Package except not 4WD) in early August. MSRP was $60425.00. Based on a Silverado High Country discount at another dealer, I offered 18.95% or $11450.54 off list. I gave the dealer my spreadsheet and he accepted my offer of $48974.46 without further negotiation. The truck is perfect, no issues whatsoever. The DiabLew Tuned 6.2L 8-speed is really fast and the magnetic shocks make for a great riding truck. That said, I kind of wish I would have looked at and read more about the new Ram before I bought my Denali. Oh well… I’m a GM guy.
  2. I have an “18” Sierra Denali and for what it’s worth, in my truck, the lane assist feature only vibrates the seat only after the vehicle has strayed outside the lines. The seat vibration does not necessarily correspond with the yellow indicator. I know my seat vibrator works well because the Park Assist feature makes it vibrate constantly when pulling into my garage.
  3. Daylight Savings Time

    My 18 Sierra didn’t automatically change. Changing to auto or whatever didn’t solve it so ended up having to change manually. I do have the $10 monthly WiFi plan, so I would have thought the clock would sync with the internet but not the case. Then again operator error can not be ruled out.
  4. I’ve always been a GM guy. I worked at Saginaw Steering Gear making power steering pumps the summer of 73. My mother worked in the office at Steering Gear during WWII. My family hasn’t owned GM products exclusively, but more GM vehicles than any other by far. I just traded my owned from new 03 Sierra in on a new 2018 Denali. I didn’t even consider looking at other brands. You know, friends don’t let friends drive Fords. Chrysler products are unreliable, and the Japs make pretend trucks. Such was my absolute bias. I love my new 2018 6.2L 2WD Denali. The 8 speed is smooth with super quick gear changes. The ride with magnetic shocks is limo like, and I don’t have any idea what the Chevy shake/vibration is. (Hope I never find out.) Nonetheless, after reading quite a few reviews, I perhaps shouldn’t have been so closed minded. The motoring media has pretty much universally crowned the 2019 Ram king of the heap. It does seem one gets less for more with the current line of GM trucks, considering substandard interior materials quality and fewer tech features offered by GM. And the 2019 GM full size roll out seems to be really slow. Browsing GMC’s website this morning looking at 2019 Denali’s, there are no 2019 Denali Ultimates listed and all the Denali’s in the Atlanta area appear to be 2WD. Surprising, or the GM website isn’t working right. Curious to me, I still haven’t seen a 2019 GM full size truck on the road.
  5. Bought a new 2018 Denali in early August. What I really wanted was an Ultimate but did not want 4WD. The 6.2 was an absolute must! After much online searching I finally found an in transit 6.2L 2WD Denali headed to an Atlanta area dealer. It is nearly Ultimate spec as it included a sunroof and Tri-Mode Power Steps. So, after adding OEM chrome recovery hooks, my “Almost an Ultimate” lacks only 200 Lbs. worth of 4WD baggage, and worse riding 22” wheels. (I admit the 22’s look pretty cool!) My old truck was an owned from new 2003 Sierra SLE 5.3L with a Diablew Tune. There is no comparison. The 6.2L 8-speed drivetrains in GM trucks are nearly twin sisters to Corvettes and feel like it. Now fully broken in at 2500 miles and with a Diablew Tune, I’m driving a seriously fun truck. Two other thoughts: · When I first drove my new truck with only 6 miles on the odo, it was disappointingly sluggish and unresponsive. My theory, after applying a performance tune to two vehicles, is the ECU needs time and miles to learn the appropriate settings. By the time I got home from the dealer, my new truck was feeling much quicker. My point is a test drive between two brand new trucks one a 5.3 the other a 6.2 may not really be an accurate comparison. · I once read the only time it makes economic sense to use E85 is when your returning a rental car.
  6. I think I signed up for the 1G rather than the unlimited plan. I do recall I made a phone call to GM or OnStar specifically for the WiFi but excluding OnStar. I did see a $10 charge for "ONSTAR DATA PLAN - AT&T 993", back in August, but I did not get a $10 charge on my Sept Amex bill. So, who knows what they’re doing. It sure looks like GM changes their plans whenever they feel like it.
  7. Maybe I missed it but does Elite have a kit for the 2019 5.3’s and 6.2’s? From the pictures I’ve seen, the engine compartment is completely reconfigured, and I don’t see an obvious install location for the can. The hydraulic vacuum booster has been replaced by an electronic booster, the old spare battery location now has the air box in its place and overall, the engine compartment looks much tighter. This is not an issue for me as I have a can installed in my 2018 Denali, but just curious.
  8. I purchased a 2018 Denali on August 3rd. Just tried the remote start on my iPhone GMC app and its already inoperative. I can purchase that feature for and a few other unnecessary items for $14.99/mo. No thanks! I'll just use my key fob to remote start the truck. Five years to one month is a pretty dramatic change! I do pay $10 a month for the WiFi hotspot however.
  9. Wood grain...

    jsmarks79, I just sent you a PayPal request. I will email you with a request for your ship to address. As soon as I receive conformation from PayPal, I will send the kit. Thanks! John
  10. Wood grain...

    The trim kit is in the GM OEM parts box (see photo below), so rather than re-box, it would be easier to ship as is with the center console included. USPS from Louisiana to GA was $12.50. That’s close enough for me. Remember you will have to remove 2 metal clips from one of your existing door trim pieces and install them on one of the Denali pieces. So, if $112.50 sounds fair to you let me know. I would then need your email address, so I can send you a PayPal money request. Regards, John
  11. Installing Tow Hooks

    The Diablo Demon 6” blade made short work of cutting through the driver’s side long bolt. The hard part was getting the new chrome hooks, especially the driver’s side through plastic bezels and into the frame. Once in place, the long bolt on the driver’s side was inserted from the opposite side (as it should have been from the factory) and tightened down with the nut. Now my new Sierra Denali is almost an “Ultimate”. It lacks only 4WD and 22” wheels, neither of which I wanted.
  12. Installing Tow Hooks

    ^^^^^ Thanks Toby. No doubt good advice. I read some overwhelmingly positive reviews on the Diablo's so I thought I would give them a try. Sounds like you had good luck with a 6" blade so that's the one I'll try first. If that works, I will return the more expensive 9" blade. Thanks too for the comment about holding the bolt with vice grips. I plan to do just that. I'm also thinking about securing the vice grips with a nylon tie strap, just to make sure the bolt stays put.
  13. Wood grain...

    I absolutely hated the dull, dark, almost black, very fake wood looking trim on my new 2018 Denali. I found some shinny maybe imitation fake dark walnut trim on eBay, (Don’t know what year or model Sierra it came off) so I bought it and put in in my new truck. I like it better, but it’s still fake wood. I figured out how to remove the wood trim pieces from the center console, so I retained the original even though the kit I purchased came with a console tray but had a 3 port USB plug instead of a dual. The door trim was easy to remove and install with the help of a $9.00 Harbor Freight trim removal tool set but the kit I purchased was missing a couple of clips, so I took I stole a couple off the pieces I removed. I know it’s a long shot and this is an old thread, but If anyone wants Denali wood trim for their truck, I’ll let it go for $100 plus shipping.
  14. Installing Tow Hooks

    The chrome tow hooks for my new 2018 Denali are due to arrive today. I was under the front of the truck this morning and discovered the issue this thread has so perfectly pointed out. Passenger’s side is no problem, (I had the existing hook off and back on in just a few minutes). On the driver’s side, the frame will interfere. Before seeing this thread and seeing the Greg Hicks Recovery Hooks Removal video, my thinking was cut off one bolt head on the driver’s side and reinstall the new long bolt that comes with the new hooks from the other side. I just got back from Home Depot where I purchased two, one 6” and one 9” Diablo Demon Carbide-Tipped Thick Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blades. (At nearly $30 for the pair they should be pretty good blades) Before I resort to sawing up my new truck, I think I will give Greg Hicks’ method a try. Then again, I’m not anxious to take a crowbar to my new truck either. I’ll report back, hopefully with good news.
  15. VIN Decoder & RPO Codes

    Hey guys, first time posting to this forum. Thanks a bunch for making me aware I could chat with GM customer service and request the build sheet! My recently traded 2003 Sierra had the original build sheet in the glove box. Now I have the build sheet for my new 2018 Denali. So far, I’ve learned it was Mexico built in week 27. I assume that means the 1st week of July. The exterior is “Glory Red Tint-2”, rather than Quartz Red Tintcoat. The interior color is cocoa and maple sugar, (much better tasting than dark sand), and it does have code NKC, noise control system, active noise cancelation. I’m really loving my new truck. The old, owned from new, 2003 Sun Blast Yellow SLE was a pampered beauty with only 90,000 miles in 15 years. Nonetheless, even though the old truck still drove like it did the day I brought it home, there is no comparison with my 2018 Sierra. I knew I wanted a Denali, really liked the Ulitmates, but, living here in Georgia, I just didn’t think I needed (or wanted) 4WD. I also wanted the 6.2L. Who wouldn’t want a Corvette drive train in his new truck? It took some looking, but I finally found my (almost an Ultimate) 2WD 6.2. Near as I can figure my truck is the same spec as an Ultimate except for 4WD, 22” wheels, and chrome tow hooks. It did come with (CF5) power sliding sunroof, (BRS) retractable power running boards and, (RTL) upgraded chrome 20” DENALI embossed wheels. I have the OEM Chrome tow hooks on order along with the OEM drivers side assist handle. I think my 2WD 6.2L is a bit of an odd duck, but its my odd duck. I noticed that, right now anyway, one can only get a 6.2L - 2019 Denali if they spec it with 4WD. I wonder how much less my 2WD weighs than a 2018 6.2L 4WD Denali Ultimate? Anyone know how to get the actual as specified curb weight of a new GMC truck?

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