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  1. Transfer case

    The click is coming from what appears to be a round solenoid attached to the transfer case.
  2. Hello all. My 96 Tahoe will not engage 4x4. Its the electronic version. Push button. When the 4 Hi is pushed the engagement motor clicks and that it. I’ve tried it in park, neutral and drive. Nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jim
  3. Hello all. My next issue with my 96 Tahoe is the heating system. It blows good heat just not enough. The blower motor is running fine but not much comes out of the defrost vents. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. Rockers

    Thanks!!!! I never thought to check with them. They have them and cheap too!!!
  5. Rockers

    Those won’t work on my truck unfortunately
  6. Rockers

    Thank you! Looks great!
  7. Hello all. I need to replace the outer rocker panels on my 96 2 door Tahoe. I haven’t been able to find a supplier. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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