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  1. Same thing with my 2020 silverado 3500HD . I went to the dealer and they show nothing. Checked online and nothing. I live in an area with gravel road and I can hear the pebbles rocking my inwards. Also mine has the 40/20/40 front seat and came without the console compartments. And also the dealer is not help. My 2018 had all that.
  2. Where di you get the wheel well liners for your dually
  3. I have the same problem with my 2020 3500HD but mine is vinyl. Anybody knows the part number for vinyl
  4. I had a 2014 silverado 1500 WT with the cheapo 3inch screen radio and my reception was great and I had FM HD channels. Now with my 2018 2500HD with a bigger screen radio I don't get HD channels but reception is ok Anybody could tell me how to get HD channels I'm in the DFW area and there is plenty of HD to go arround.
  5. Finally I installed the switches on my truck . The LED does not stay ON while driving only when I turn ON the switch I'm using but one thing I noticed the LED stays on after the truck is turned OFF for about 10 minutes I started digging into the matter and found out Even when my truck a 2018 Silverado 2500HD WT should be wired for this Upfit. Is not. The IP Wire harness has the wires for the upfit but not the fuse box in the engine compartment. I found out if I want to use the truck fuse box I will have to change to one that has all pins for the upfit and that will be $500 also the engine compartment wire harness needs replacing , I did not bother finding the the price for it. I just did my own wiring and got some relay with a 30amp fuse incorporated on the relay, now my 12v feed to the relay solenoid comes from the parking lights and grounded at the AUX 1 2 3 or 4 I installed the relays on the battery cover. Right now I'm only using AUX 1 and 2 but I have wired all 4 just in case I need to add more lights. It does not bother me the LED on after turning the engine OFF cause the current draw is not enough to kill a good battery and also the vehicle has the 10 min safety to turn any lights the stay on to save the battery . I would have been nice to have the fuse box with the corresponding relays and fuses but this one does not have the printed circuitry to support the upfit, I guess is a way for GM to make buy stuff if you need upfits. The switch I installed is the one that has T/C. Cargo lights. CNG. Aux1.Aux2.Aux3.Aux4. Ot cost me $30 on Ebay.
  6. I have a 2018 Silverado 2500HD WT I had from the factory the T/C and cargo lights only I purchased the one with T/C, Cargo, CNG, Aux1, Aux2, Aux3, Aux4. The CNG button since is a momentary i will use for the "Ocean Liner" Horn and the Aux I will use for LED bar and Fog lights I have an X2 connector with 5 wires but the factory cavity on the module did not have any terminals. Now the new module has 5 terminals. What is the connector for?
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