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  1. SPOT on , brother......we can all AFFORD these much more expensive new vehicles and do the things we like to do or need to do.
  2. Well , you know how it goes.....first year woes sometimes...... There are plenty of us (Chevy guys) with shaking trucks that are not fixable , along with other issues still persisting. All makes have these issues some more than others.....I have had a 14 Durango Hemi ....no issues in 40K . We have a 17 Pacifica mini van with almost 30K , it has a few squeeks and creeks (to be fixed hopefully under warranty) , otherwise no issues. My 14 High Country has been very good as well ......had some SERIOUS issues with PowerStroke diesel work vans a few years back and swore off Ford for a while (not so much angry about the issues as the way Ford didn't want to honor the power train warranty ). All these new vehicles from the big three are honestly pretty reliable in general BUT ......with all the electronics and tons of new features and tech , its smart to keep a warranty on them to avoid a headache or three.....
  3. I think they tested them all together for a shootout comparison upcoming....they mentioned the hot conditions in the Ram article as well. In that article the mentioned a Laramie Longhorn 4x4 (those are pretty well optioned and probably fairly heavy, though they mentioned it did NOT have eTorq) and it ran 6.3 in the same hot conditions , slightly quicker than the two less optioned (I am guessing by their weights listed and prices ) Chevy's.....so close but not quite . They also mention the Hemi feels better with better throttle response and tranny.....but honestly ......they seem VERY close in an all out drag race. 5.3L is not the dog many call it, especially with the 8 spd and lighter weight.
  4. I am not sure but don't think this Denali had the Carbon Fiber bed (which shaves approx. 65 lbs) because they are not available in production models yet (and I assume they tested production models but could be wrong). Given that the HEAVIEST these could weigh would be 5760 or so . The HIgh country doesn't have the carbon bed so........
  5. I am quite sure that these new GM trucks will have their share of issues as well given they are also new . The new Ram has a LOT going for it : Exterior styling is modern smooth and refined . Interior is hands down the best in the segment and one of the best VEHICLE interiors made today. Impressive. Best feature. Air suspension available . Works very well offering nice performance and capability . Only one on market. eTorq mild hybrid system. Very limited testing but seems to add significant mpg to city cycle (4mpg in MT test). Coil spring rear suspension system. Only one on market, best riding pickup . Ram box system. Very useful flexible storage system (copy from Avalanche of old) . Only one on market. Hemi V8 / 8spd transmission . Reliable powerful solid drivetrain. Sound good too unlike turbo V6's and 4's. 12 " infotainment screen for the techies paired to very good Uconnect system. Only one available. Many trim levels and options and all the good stuff available on most models. Trucks lost 225 lbs (though still heavier than competition) while increasing strength and rigidity. I like the new GM trucks , but Ram did a good job....it only really could use a top shelf powerplant (6.4L would do just fine)and more weight loss (225 was good but it wont bring them in line with Ford and GM which will still be 250+ lbs lighter in general). Engine would be easy enough to do in a year or three but the weight will have to come at next redesign for Ram......
  6. They were right on. After driving and seeing these , their review was about right although I agree, the throttle response on the 5.3L is questionable . I have heard others say how largely improved the 5.3L and 8spd combo is. These new trucks are LIGHT. They weighed a LOADED Denali at 5595. The High Country was only 5450 and the Trail Boss was only 5235 with the RST only 5178! These were all 4x4's as well . GM is right there with the all aluminum F150 in this respect now. Mileage was very impressive on the highway for the 6.2L trucks in the Real mileage tests as well . Acceleration numbers were slower than expected because they tested in VERY hot conditions apparently. The Hemi powered rams are a bit quicker than the 5.3L GM trucks if you option them the same given the data so far. The Ram FEELS better because of better trans calibration and throttle response as well . Also, the new eTorq system on the Ram seemed to REALLY improve city mpg , as you would expect. 14.7 mpg for Hemi Ram vs. eTorq Hemi at 18.7. doesn't do much of highway mileage though.

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