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  1. thanks for the info. its what i needed for paint code.
  2. i looked under my truck at the bumper, and those brackets appear to be there. looks like just the fog and 4 bolts are needed. check yours out. what part numbers did you come up with?
  3. Can you add the factory cd player to this radio? I have the same one, and would like to add it.
  4. I'd like a floor console as well. My truck has the bench seat, with the floor shifter for the 4wd. Any ideas anyone?
  5. Great looking truck, as I have the Silver Custom. I want to add the factory cd player, to the 7" screen, if it is possible, but cannot find info on it. My interior, I changed to the Synthesis dash pieces, and am doing the door pieces next. I did 2 tone seat covers, light gray with black, husky floor liners. Exterior, i went with body color door handles, and mirror caps. I also changed my rims, to the 20" 5 spoke option and bed cover. I am trying to get info, on changing the front bumper, and adding OEM fog lights, but there isnt much info on that yet. Good luck with the truck! I really enjoy mine.
  6. do you happen to have a list of part numbers you had to purchase to do this? i see there are alot of screws behind the bumper, and not sure what to purchase at this point. i need to get a color matched bumper with the fogs, and that harness you mention.
  7. Hello all. I have a 2018 Silverado, with the Silver Ice Metallic paint, that I am looking for the paint code. I currently have a front bumper, painted, without fog lights, and want to swap it for the factory bumper with fog light cutouts. Can anyone help with the paint code, and also part numbers i would need for the lights, brackets, screws, etc to complete this? I have seen a wiring harness, that I believe can be added, so that the lights simply come on when the lowbeam headlights are on, and I wouldnt need the dash switch. That is what I would like to do. All suggestions are greatly appreciated, as always. Grego.
  8. this is what i would actually like to do. any help with part numbers needed to do the complete swap?
  9. still working good? my concern with getting aftermarket lights, is blinding the oncoming driver (i dont want to do that)
  10. do you have any additional info, pictures, etc on how you did this? i like the location you used, since buying an oem bumper with the cutouts can get expensive. i'd love to do this, and be able to use the wiring harness that is offered online, that when your headlights are on, the fogs are as well. trying to find aftermarket lights, to fit in that location, that use the oem style plug is not easy. all help is greatly apprecitated!
  11. had not thought about that. also would like to add fog lights to my truck, but that's going to require changing the front bumper.
  12. gotcha. i was wondering if i could add the 110v plug to my dash, as my truck did not come with it.
  13. hello all. i currently have a 2018 Silveado Custom Crew Cab, and do not have the front bumper with the fog lights. I am interested in switching the bumper to the OEM bumper with the fog lights. Any suggestions or have others done this? My truck is the Silver Ice Metallic color. I have heard about a wiring harness that can be purchased, to add fog lights, and have them come on with the headlights. Any part numbers, pictures or suggestions are greatly appreciated! thanks grego.
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