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  1. Gas pedal clicking

    pretty rough situation with your truck. i hope it all works out for you.
  2. Gas pedal clicking

    glad to hear that worked for you.
  3. Reverse Light Splitter-Taillight

    i've thought about that, just unsure where to purchase such diode, or part number of it. i've seen various prices for the bedlight kit. per chevrolet website, i need kit # 23295943 which i am told, has a 6 pin adapter on it. elsewhere online, i found part # 23295942 for much cheaper, advertised to work with 2018 and 6 pin plug. any idea what the difference is between those sets?
  4. Gas pedal clicking

    Hopefully, that does the trick for you. Mine is still fine.
  5. Hello everyone. Does anyone know, of a splitter that can plug into the reverse light socket on our trucks? I was considering adding bedlights, that can turn on, when you hit the keyfob button. Seems like it would be a simple way to add bedlights, without running much wiring, to some LED's. any thoughts?
  6. Does anyone know the part # for the harness for a 2018 Crew cab?
  7. Gas pedal clicking

    Wow. That is unfortunate. I'm curious how this turns out for you. Mine is still good.....
  8. Where did you get that antenna, and also, what vent visors are they? Any issue with warping on them?
  9. I took it to the dealer yesterday, and it turns out to be a faulty hood latch. To top it off, the part is on national backorder, with no expexted date of arrival.........
  10. Hello everyone. My 2018 Silverado started this on Saturday. Remote start would not work. I start the truck with the key, and hood open message appears on the dash. It alerts me every 30 seconds or so, with the message and a chime. Drives fine. Sunday, same thing, except now, the check engine light is on, and an email (several) from onstar, saying the Theft Deterrent System has been triggered. Anyone else experience this? I contacted the dealer, awaiting a reply from them. Thanks.
  11. Gas pedal clicking

    well, you cant really lift it up just lift up on it, to slide the paint stick under there. i didnt loosen anything, and its fine.
  12. Gas pedal clicking

    if you have to. i was able to lift up on the assembly a little, and get the wedge under there. still no issues!
  13. Gas pedal clicking

    here you go. i did this almost 2 months ago and have not had a click sound since.
  14. Gas pedal clicking

    my solution, was actually the paint stick trick. it must be the plastic pedal assembly rubbing on the steel. i showed it to my dealer on saturday, when i went in for an oil change and allignment. i'll try to upload a picture later for you.
  15. Hello. I have a 2018 Silverado custom, and am wondering if i can add factory fog lights. My bumper does not have the cutout for the lights, so I had thought about maybe using a oem wiring harness and putting lights where the tow hooks are. I took off the left dash piece, where I saw, 2 unused wiring harnesses, and wondered if one of them, might be the factory harness for the lights. If anyone has any suggestions, or pictures, that would be great! Thanks.

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