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  1. Will this also work with a 2018 Silverado Custom? I've been told, its not that easy to add fog lights to this model....different wiring harness installed in my truck???
  2. Hello all. I was wondering if it is possible to add a Power Drivers Seat conversion to my 2018 Silverado Crew Cab-custom. My truck does not come with the factory CD player either, with the 7" display, but was wondering if it is also possible to add that to my truck. All help is apppreciated. thanks
  3. my vin isnt listed either, and verified with the dealer. keeping up on those oil changes as well!
  4. Hello. Does anyone know where i can find, prepainted 2018 Silver Ice Metallic door handles and mirror caps, for my Crew Cab Silverado? suggestions appreciated. thanks!
  5. Let's hope it solves the problems you are having!
  6. Hello everyone. I am looking to add the painted mirror caps to my 2018 Silverado. I have seen some for sale on Ebay, and wondered if anyone has used them yet. Are they easy to remove? They are listed as multiple years, but did the silver color code, change over the last 4 years? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I have a 2018 Silverado Custom, and wanted to add the cd player to the 7" screen. Not sure if it is even possible, or if the wiring is there behind the dash.
  8. this is what i was thinking of. any pictures of your install?
  9. pretty rough situation with your truck. i hope it all works out for you.
  10. i've thought about that, just unsure where to purchase such diode, or part number of it. i've seen various prices for the bedlight kit. per chevrolet website, i need kit # 23295943 which i am told, has a 6 pin adapter on it. elsewhere online, i found part # 23295942 for much cheaper, advertised to work with 2018 and 6 pin plug. any idea what the difference is between those sets?
  11. Hopefully, that does the trick for you. Mine is still fine.
  12. Hello everyone. Does anyone know, of a splitter that can plug into the reverse light socket on our trucks? I was considering adding bedlights, that can turn on, when you hit the keyfob button. Seems like it would be a simple way to add bedlights, without running much wiring, to some LED's. any thoughts?
  13. Does anyone know the part # for the harness for a 2018 Crew cab?
  14. Wow. That is unfortunate. I'm curious how this turns out for you. Mine is still good.....
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