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  1. Husky wheel liners, vs OEM

    i'm going to have to contact the dealer tomorrow, to verify a part # for the crew cab. looks to be a few different part #'s online. also, i am seeing between 11 and 13 fasteners needed for each side, and that they do not come with the liners.
  2. Hello everyone. I am looking to get a set of wheel liners for the rear tires, on my 18 Silverado Custom Crew Cab. Does anyone have experience with the Husky version, vs the OEM option? Ease of installation, vs price is also helpful, along with pictures, if possible. thanks to all.
  3. Center console swap

    thanks for the info. tough finding info on this.
  4. Center console swap

    ok. do you know of a usb powered cd player that might work? i found one, that says it works on the silverado, but it was expensive.
  5. Center console swap

    do you know, if the wiring is in the dash board to even be able to add the cd player, to the 7" screen?
  6. my 2018 has the gap towards the back, with wifi. my buddy's 2018 has the gap towards the front, with wifi. same year.......
  7. I had a leak with my sharkfin antenna a little over a month ago. dealer tells me they replaced the antenna, and also silicone around it. no leaks since. i questioned if there was an issue with my antenna as mine looks like yours, with the little notch facing the back. i look at others, and that notch faces forward. my replacement antenna also has the notch towards the back. lets hope we dont have more leaks down the road.
  8. Center console swap

    wow. definitely more effort than it is worth, i guess. i assume, adding the oem cd player would be as much of an issue also, with the 7" screen?
  9. Center console swap

    so, does that mean the 110v plug cannot be added? i also have the 2018 silverado custom, crew cab, with floor mount 4wd shifter, and would love to do this conversion.
  10. 20" Chrome Clad Wheels

    Interesting idea. How much did your wheel and tire setup cost you?
  11. 20" Chrome Clad Wheels

    Thanks for the suggestion, I greatly appreciate it. No snow tires for you, and unfortunately, no Publix for me......
  12. Hello. I have the bench seat with flip up center console in my 2018 silverado crew cab, and floor mounted 4wd shifter. I wish the cupholders were larger, and wondered if anyone has come up with another option? Has anyone come up with a floor mounted console, to fit the trucks with the floor mounted shifter? Pictures and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Grego.
  13. Hello everyone. I've got a 2 part question, that i would like some help on. First of all, I have a 2018 Silverado Custom, with the factory 20" chrome clad wheels, and want to know what products, are the best to keep this type of wheel clean My wife has a 2015 GMC Terrain, with the same type of wheels and there appears to be brake dust stains on those wheels, but i am not sure what to try on them. I've thought about the Magic Eraser Mr Clean sponge, but wasnt sure if it would affect the chrome finish. Thoughts and suggestions, please Second, I was considering a set of winter rims and snow tires for my truck, however, I do not see any 20" steel wheels available. I'd like to get a set of basic steel with TPMS, and snow tires all around, but am not sure how to go to another diameter wheel, with the same setup as my current. I dont want the speedometer or odometer affected. All help and thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Grego.
  14. Gas pedal clicking

    I had mine replaced a couple of weeks ago and the clicking sound is back again, coming from the gas pedal.
  15. Gas pedal clicking

    I have a similar issue with my pedal, when taking your foot off, with light pressure. Its pretty annoying, and will be going into the dealer for this, along with a water leak, from what i believe is the shark fin that drips onto the ebrake pedal. My truck has 8700 miles on it.

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