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  1. 2018 Silverado Clicking Gas Pedal

    do you happen to know the part # of the bracket that was replaced? did they also do the pedal assembly? thanks
  2. 2018 Silverado Clicking Gas Pedal

    hi. i've thought about that, and will certainly give it a shot. i dont seem to feel any lag, just seems to click, at certain times. thank you.
  3. Hello everyone. I have a 2018 Silverado Custom Crew Cab. Starting last fall, at random times, when lightly pressing the gas pedal, or taking your foot off it, lightly, the gas pedal makes a clicking sound, like plastic on plastic sound. i sent the dealer a video clip of it, and they told me it was a defect in the pedal so it was replaced. It started happening again, and I am ready to send him another video clip, to have it replaced at my next oil change. Some days, it does it more than others. Has anyone else had this experience? What have been your end results? Thanks for your help.
  4. Hello I have a 2018 Silverado Custom, Crew Cab, that does not have a tailgate, with the slow-down feature. Mine is the standard version. Has anyone used the DZ43102 tailgate assist on their trucks ? If so, what are your thoughts about how it works, ease of installation, and is it worth it. Thanks. DZ43102
  5. OEM coating on frame-2018

    thank you very much. i was looking for this.
  6. Hello everyone. Does anyone know, if the OEM coating on the frame of the Silverado's, can be purchased anyplace? I've got a few spots on the frame in the rear wheelwell area, that i would like to touch up, now that winter is over. Or, if it cannot be purchased, what product can be used to fix. thanks.
  7. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    excellent video. thank you for posting.
  8. 2018 Engine Cleaning

    Wow! Great replies from everyone. I really appreciate it.
  9. Hi everyone. With spring approaching here in the Northeast, its almost time to totally clean the truck. With that said, what do you use, to clean the engine area, and what areas, should be avoided with a garden hose/pressure washer. All suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. 20" Chrome Clad Wheels

    are your wheels chrome, or the chrome clad?
  11. 20" Chrome Clad Wheels

    what are you using on them? i'm a fan of the turtlewax ice products, but would like to know what you use. i just dont want to see the chrome peeling in a few years.
  12. Husky wheel liners, vs OEM

    i'm going to have to contact the dealer tomorrow, to verify a part # for the crew cab. looks to be a few different part #'s online. also, i am seeing between 11 and 13 fasteners needed for each side, and that they do not come with the liners.
  13. Hello everyone. I am looking to get a set of wheel liners for the rear tires, on my 18 Silverado Custom Crew Cab. Does anyone have experience with the Husky version, vs the OEM option? Ease of installation, vs price is also helpful, along with pictures, if possible. thanks to all.
  14. my 2018 has the gap towards the back, with wifi. my buddy's 2018 has the gap towards the front, with wifi. same year.......
  15. I had a leak with my sharkfin antenna a little over a month ago. dealer tells me they replaced the antenna, and also silicone around it. no leaks since. i questioned if there was an issue with my antenna as mine looks like yours, with the little notch facing the back. i look at others, and that notch faces forward. my replacement antenna also has the notch towards the back. lets hope we dont have more leaks down the road.

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