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  1. front looks very good. interesting headlight pieces. where did you find those?
  2. nothing from my dealer. i'm done with them. i would like to know more about this fog light kit. i cant find any info anyplace. hoping to get going in the near future on the bumper swap. waiting for the weather to stay a little warmer here in NY. so, you needed clips for the fog lights bolts to attach to the brackets?
  3. looks good. time wise, how long did it take you? that isnt a gm bumper? what does the sticker on the back side of the bumper say? hows the quality of that bumper? easy to swap over the bottom plastic to the new bumper?
  4. curious of the quality. let me know what you think, and maybe post a picture of it.
  5. i definitely want lights that use the oem plug.
  6. sounds good. looking forward to seeing it. what is your total cost for the parts?
  7. i just wanted to see some pics of taking the bumper off, and mounting the new one. just a how to basically. my dealer still isnt getting back to me, so it looks like i need to find another source for the oem bumper, to get painted. did you get the harness to have the fogs go off with brights?
  8. what part numbers did you order? could you also post a couple of pictures? still no word from my dealer on pricing......
  9. i did not yet. still waiting on prices from the dealer for the bumper and lights/screws. what did you order?
  10. thanks for the info. its what i needed for paint code.
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