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    2018 Silverado crewcab Z71 LTZ plus 8spd
  1. Adding Aftermarket Sub/Amp

    Seller on amazon selling sealed down fire boxes for the crewcabs for $59 for a single 10 or 12” (different box) . Same seller is selling them for passengers / drivers side. SoundBox Chevy Silverado/ GMC Sierra Crew Cab Single 12'' Subwoofer Enclosure Sub Box 2014-2018 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P236LSA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_XFJ6BbHYKVC5V
  2. Adding Aftermarket Sub/Amp

    I have a 2018 crew cab Silverado LTZ with the Bose amp. Idk but my speaker inputs for the amp were (+) yellow and (-)yellow/black. They were in the same location/ slots as the blue and grey. I went with a kicker 43TC104 which is a single 10” in a box. The box looks like it’s made for the crew cab Silverado. I also went with a class D 12cx6001 monoblock amp. Sounds really good! The bolt on the positive aux post is 8x 1.25 and the nut for the seatbelt post is 1/2”-13.
  3. 2015 GMC Sierra Caught Fire

    Sounds like a J.D. has purchased a Silverado / Sierra k2xx. I take this topic as “let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to someone else”.... and is this something defective or an engeineering defect.
  4. Bose Subwoofer replacement!

    I have the Bose system without the console, meaning no sub. Is the amp the same as the Bose trucks with the sub as without? If so, anyone have the specs on the factory Bose amp, specially the sub output channel,
  5. 2015 GMC Sierra Caught Fire

    Yes... that’s what I mean by not powered. So for the wires to have started the fire. The truck would have had to have ALL of the following problems. 1)Bcm/ relay kept power on with the key off 2)usb / cigar/ terminals shorted 3)fuse did not blow 4)wires would have had to exceeded the maximum amps making the copper wire heating elements. I’m sure that GM would put a much heavier wire than fuse for the circuit. (Electrical engineering 101). Im obviously not saying it’s not a defect from GM, just saying it I don’t think it would be the wires inside the console. I highly disagree with the sun hitting the mirror working as magnifying glass. The side mirror which is slightly convex and self tinting simply does not work like a 30x magnafying glass. Again if this was the case we would see these trucks in Texas and Florida flaming up by he handful on a daily bases. Exspecialy on the dealership lot before tint is added.
  6. 2015 GMC Sierra Caught Fire

    I've glanced thru the 263 NHTSA complaints with the 2015 Sierra and 2015, 2016, 2017 Silverado. Only one I see is one on a 2016 Silverado that kinda matches yours NHTSA ID Number: 11010987 And NHTSA ID Number: 11131872... which I'm assuming is your truck? On a side note looks sounds like your OEM headlights suck and your A/C condensers seems to fall apart.
  7. 2015 GMC Sierra Caught Fire

    I'm very puzzled by this. All of the wiring for the jump seat is rear of the cup holders. How about that pink adapter in the floor... was it plugged in/ wires on the end of it damaged? All of the overhead lights/ buttons still intact? I'm thinking more of the lines something with an element fell on the corner of that seat.
  8. 2015 GMC Sierra Caught Fire

    The USB ports are 5v 3amp and not powered when the key is off. Does this truck have heated seats?
  9. 2015 GMC Sierra Caught Fire

    I would think if one of these caught on fire with the mirror hitting the stitching in a 2 hour period..... Wouldn't we see a lot more of them catching on fire like just sitting at the dealership? I would think there would have to be an accelerant spilled on the seat for the mirror to ignite it with a lower flashpoint than the seat's fabric. I would even think that the NHTSA has a set flashpoint for every material used on the inside of vehicles.
  10. That factory kit gm 23295943 is so freaking clean of an install.... I think I'm going to go with it and cash in "mychevroleyrewards" points and get it from my local dealer for free.
  11. I realize the theory on "natural going downhill" but I thought all of the engineers have agreed that your engine idling takes more than the transmission being engaged and keeping the engine turning. If not I would think every car/truck would be like the old ford probe and have a 1-way bearing at the torque converter. Also cant you hold the tow/haul button down for a few seconds for it to automatically dis-engage the torque convertor clutch so you can coast down hill?
  12. That’s why I was going to attach it to the running lights for the trailer .... from the hitch. I wouldn’t think the BCM would be watching the amp draw from there.
  13. I have looked and looked for some way to trigger the opening of the tailgate without drilling wholes to turn on a set of lights inside the bed since I have a cover on mine. I’m consding just putting some of the smaller led ones inside the bed (17$ ) and just wiring them to the running lights off the trailer lights. They are LED so it’s not like they would take a lot of power and they are designed to run like a running light and since I have a bed cover you couldn’t see any light unless I have the tailgate opened. I think this would be more useful since I never remember to push the cargo light before jumping out of the truck. Thought?
  14. Not the newest version of Mylink (yet). Nav-tools and MVI are the only ways that I know of to do this. The older version (2012-2014) you could get update the firmware with a thumbdrive to 24.5 then enter the development mode and add mirror link/add video in motion.
  15. 1st post here........ So if you have iOS 10-11.4 (not 11.4.1 as of today ) you can jailbreak your iPhone. I would recommend Cydia or Sileo.thru those apps you can download non-Apple approved apps for mirroring NGXPlay is free and you can add your apps to your CarPlay such as amazon video, hbo, slingTV, YouTube, google maps, angry birds or whatever but you have to leave your screen on. However there is an app that’s $4.99 called CarBridge and it allows you to add apps into CarPlay and you don’t have to have your iPhone screen on. (Note... there is some weird security patch with Netflix making it not work on some phones they CarPlay) Both ways sort of bypass video in motion. Jailbreaking iOS is not replacing the operating system it only changing the permissions of making changes to your operating system.

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