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    2018 Silverado crewcab Z71 LTZ plus 8spd
  1. DIY Carport / Garage

    Ill have to go back and look but I built a 26 deep 20 garage out of 2x4 and put 3 tab shingles and vinyl siding on it with a concrete floor. Ended up finding a 14x7 garage door for free. I think the most expensive part was the trusses which I used 3/12 26ft common trusses which was in the $900 range but im pretty certain that im not it to it near some of these prices
  2. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    What's the updated latches look like? I think mine are kinda spring loaded hooks.
  3. 2014+ Truck Bed / Tonneau Covers

    Ive read back about 20 pages and haven't seen anything about the Extang sold-fold 2.0. I did see someone asking about a trifold that locks though. I keep mine locked and just used the tailgate. Never had any issues with it. I've stood on it and had no worries, I couldn't find an actual weight rating of the panels but their commercial said 3 of his big buddies.
  4. Bed lights

    You get more for linking your OnStar and your XM radio. I got some more points for “going paperless” then more points when I signed up for autopay. The truck comes with 2 oil changes and I’ve used my points and have a coupon already for me “3rd service”... haven’t gotten the first oil changed yet though. I have the extang solid fold 2.0... that light looked like it’s made to go in the handle on the back part. Is that what you have AE1M? i feel like $80 is too much for something that might be dead when I goto use it. I still may buy one of the little magnetic lights that Lowe’s has and stick it back there for when I forget to hit the button up front
  5. Bed lights

    I used my Chevrolet points and bought the factory bed lights and I have a bed cover. I printed out two of the $50 coupons then spent $20 something for the rest. Its a really clean install probably took 20 mins. I agree the only downside is that I have to push the cargo light button before getting out. That circuit also has some sort of timeout to it as well as turns off when your not in Park. My tailgate doesn't seem to have a visible pin switch which how I would have like to have hooked it up but putting my tailgate somehow turns off my parking sensors. I also considered wiring it hot to a switch and having the switch under one of the rails and a few lights that have magnets on them. However the factory kit is just super clean compared to anything I could find. There are even youtube videos that show where every rosebud clip goes.
  6. TPMS Question

    I’ve figured this out. Obviously I had some confusion between “relearn” vs “reprogram” . The ExcelVan brand tmps sensor I’ve bought is blank and can be programmed to several different makes/ models/ frequencies which the flashing tool for it requires you to clone the old sensor including the unique ID of the sensor which I’m not sure how someone could get it with a dead sensor. Some of the replacement sensors are already programmed at the correct freq and it’s own unique ID which the silverado’s BCM will accept which is why some people are saying you just have to relearn a brand new sensor.
  7. TPMS Question

    So I purchased one of the learning tools. Works really easy. My brand new sensor is either dead or I bought the wrong one. I have a 2008 Silverado crew-cab LT and I bought one that's a 13581558 13586335 15123145 315 MHz TPMS made by ExcelVan … Is this the correct wheel sensor?
  8. TPMS Question

    When rotating the tires... I have only put it in lean mode (lock/unlock on fob with key on) then I let air out of the wheels going around the truck. Well I had new bedsides put on it and when I picked it up the dash said "check right rear wheel pressure" but did not show the (!) on the dash. So I tried to relearn the sensors with the letting air out of the tires method but it wouldn't recognize right rear so I assumed that the battery died in the TPMS and I purchased a new one. The new one also doesn't learn with the letting air out method. My question is … With a new sensor is there something else that I have to do such as using the activation tool?
  9. I have a new2018 LTZ plus that’s got the jump seat... Bose, heated steering wheel, heated leather seats, nav, folding mirrors, parking sensors, pedal move, sliding back glass and the factory jump seat. My buddy has an LT and the key Fop is all black with no chrome on the sides of it. The way I understand is you can only get the big stereo and the buttons on the steering wheel in the LT/ LTZ/ high county. So the chrome on the key fop would be LTZ/ HC if you have the 8” screen.
  10. TPMS Question

    When you buy an new sensor... is the learn procedure the same as a tire rotation or is athat “activation tool” required?
  11. Adding Aftermarket Sub/Amp

    Seller on amazon selling sealed down fire boxes for the crewcabs for $59 for a single 10 or 12” (different box) . Same seller is selling them for passengers / drivers side. SoundBox Chevy Silverado/ GMC Sierra Crew Cab Single 12'' Subwoofer Enclosure Sub Box 2014-2018 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P236LSA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_XFJ6BbHYKVC5V
  12. Adding Aftermarket Sub/Amp

    I have a 2018 crew cab Silverado LTZ with the Bose amp. Idk but my speaker inputs for the amp were (+) yellow and (-)yellow/black. They were in the same location/ slots as the blue and grey. I went with a kicker 43TC104 which is a single 10” in a box. The box looks like it’s made for the crew cab Silverado. I also went with a class D 12cx6001 monoblock amp. Sounds really good! The bolt on the positive aux post is 8x 1.25 and the nut for the seatbelt post is 1/2”-13.
  13. 2015 GMC Sierra Caught Fire

    Sounds like a J.D. has purchased a Silverado / Sierra k2xx. I take this topic as “let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to someone else”.... and is this something defective or an engeineering defect.
  14. Bose Subwoofer replacement!

    I have the Bose system without the console, meaning no sub. Is the amp the same as the Bose trucks with the sub as without? If so, anyone have the specs on the factory Bose amp, specially the sub output channel,
  15. 2015 GMC Sierra Caught Fire

    Yes... that’s what I mean by not powered. So for the wires to have started the fire. The truck would have had to have ALL of the following problems. 1)Bcm/ relay kept power on with the key off 2)usb / cigar/ terminals shorted 3)fuse did not blow 4)wires would have had to exceeded the maximum amps making the copper wire heating elements. I’m sure that GM would put a much heavier wire than fuse for the circuit. (Electrical engineering 101). Im obviously not saying it’s not a defect from GM, just saying it I don’t think it would be the wires inside the console. I highly disagree with the sun hitting the mirror working as magnifying glass. The side mirror which is slightly convex and self tinting simply does not work like a 30x magnafying glass. Again if this was the case we would see these trucks in Texas and Florida flaming up by he handful on a daily bases. Exspecialy on the dealership lot before tint is added.

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