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    2007 Silverado 1500 LT Classic
  1. Got the issue fixed. It was a relearning issue but had to get the ECU reprogrammed for it. Had been driving it over a month and it didnt relearn on its own. Chevy dealership checked it out, reset the ecu and no more idle issue.
  2. Yes the o ring is on master cylinder
  3. Just checked the connections. Only one hose coming off the brake booster itself. Hose is in good shape, no cracks that i could see. The barb its connected to does rotate freely on both ends. No idea if thats normal. Checked the rest of the vacuum lines around the intake, all appear in good shape.
  4. Had the truck in to get brake booster and master cylinder replaced. Noticed the idle when i went to pick it up. He looked at it and said he thinks the throttle body might be going out, drive it for a week and see if it will fix itself. Well it didnt and he didnt sound vary confident in his diagnosis. Just wanted to check to see if anyone had this issue and/or could help narrow it down. The connections appear to be fine. Cleaned out the throttle body and it the idle seems to have smoothed out a little, but still bounces when starting after the trucks warm.
  5. 2007 Silverado 1500 classic 5.3 flex. Truck starts up fine when cold, but as it warms up, the idle gets a little choppy. When starting after warm, the rpms drop down below 500 then go back up, bouncing a little before leveling out. Wondering if this could be TPS or throttle body related. No check engine light and truck performs fine other than idle. The exhaust has a pretty bad smell to it as well, especially after I get on it. Not sure if these are related.

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