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  1. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I am on par with rest of guys saying it’s driveshaft and I can actually relate my concern a lot to driveshaft so I will be exploring the idea of ensuring driveshaft is what needs to be cured. Just not sure GM will opt for replacing it with steel one otherwise if aluminum it won’t fix it. I do believe GM knows of this to be driveshaft but wouldn’t admit due to so many needing to be fixed at thier expense. More to come. Thanks!
  2. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I see. What an idiots. Why replace with another aluminum if it’s a cause knowing steel one would cure the issue. Well I guess my next step is PICO and hopefully that’s a test of driveshaft. I wonder what it would cost for my diesel denali HD. Thanks!
  3. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Thanks Bart. I actually speculated driveshaft at first but after reading many posts it lead me to other things like tires and such. However, I am leaning more towards driveshaft. Would this be something dealer can determine via PICO test or how did you figure it out? Where did you get a steel one? I am assuming this could be under warranty part so dealer can replace if that’s what is needed. Thanks!
  4. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Lol good one! Well from begging I have been saying how I wasn’t impressed with these technicians to start with. So I will let them do the PICO test amd after that I will go to independent tire shop to have them do road force balancing which I will pay for $100 but ok just to see. So more to come!
  5. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Update: went to dealership per GM to troubleshoot for service bulletins I found which may be related to my vibration concerns. Dealership took vehicle in but told me because it would go thru a PICO test, they weren’t sure if one was available in their shop. I left and 7 hours later advisor contacts me telling me they don’t have PICO tool and one was on order so they will have to call me to bring truck back. I said ok sure. Went to pick it up and truck was parked on lot same exact way I left it meaning they didn’t touch it. Anyway, so next step is PICO test. However, this time I was approached by service manager who informed me that they had a customer with similar concerns and they ended up replacing shafts, drive axles, etc. So this time I learned that dealership is aware of the vibration concerns and so is GM and it’s now occurring on 2500HDs not just 1500s sierras or Silverados. There you go guys that’s what I learned about this time and what’s next step for me. Thanks!
  6. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Ok thanks. So you are getting it here and there. That’s what I am starting to experience now too. No more shake/vibration at 72-75 speeds but felt it little at 77, 81 and 85. Very strange but interesting. I haven’t gone to independent tire shop yet as they instructed me to continue exploring with dealership first due to cost they would need to charge me for road force balancing which would be about $100 for 4 tires. I will be at dealership tomorrow for another look per 2 service bulletins to rule some stuff out. Will provide update. Thanks!
  7. Shake or Vibration Issues

    That’s very interesting discovery. Well here is how far I got. So far 2x to dealership first time was road forced balancing second was let some air pressure out of rear tires. At that point I was at 800 miles or so. Now I am at 1300 miles and come to find out shake/vibration is reduced significantly for whatever reason. However in mean time I did reach out to GM corporate and they have now an open case only because I wanted the dealership troubleshoot for 2 service bulletins relative to bent wheel, bad tires and driveshaft turnes. So will be back in for 3rd visit to see what they will come up. I have speculated whether or not it could be something with bent rotor or not properly functioning caliper(s). I have felt brakes to squal as well so now I am just curious. And shake/vibration reduction may have been to rotors wearing off or caliper dead or who knows anymore. More to come.
  8. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I am going to consider going to independent shop just to rulle rims/tires out and maybe I will learn something new about these Goodyear wranglers from them! After that I will continue with the dealership if vibration persists as I have learned some had ring and pinion replaced per GM.
  9. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Thanks Don67. What brand tires do you have? The dealership has told me that every time they balance any truck tires, they do it on road force balancer and within manufacturers specs in my case GMCs. However, my dilemma is that when I go there it’s usually some young tech who I feel doesn’t even listen to what my frustration is. They also hesitate to drive the truck on thruway at speeps such as 73-75mph. So far I drove the truck on thruway at many speeds including at 80, 90 and 95. I am shocked to say that only shake/vibration that I am curious about still occurs at speeds 73-75. It’s very interesting! So at this point I feel taking it to independent tire shop and explaining to them the shake/vibration at that speed to see if they will be able to road force, rotate as well and see what they say about the GMCs specs requirements. I just don’t know if the dealership would continue cooperating if I end up going to independent tire place. Thoughts?
  10. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Right. Based on all reads and everything I learned about so far, I am still studying it. Reason is while I know this vibration affects 1500s, I am not sure if what I feel is aort of normal for 3/4 ton heavy duty truck and diesel. So I am just curious now about it all and need to explore further.
  11. Shake or Vibration Issues

    6 speed...
  12. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Great news. Well keep us posted so we have something to share with the dealership to troubleshoot for besides tires rebalancing and downgrading tire pressure.
  13. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Yep saw this video and my doesn’t do the same when having a bottle of water in front center console. Again it would be cool to get in a truck that also vibrates to really compare and determine ifan issue exists.
  14. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Brianibew - yes my is Duramax Denali HD which is same as Duramax 2500 HD. I did see that Sierra 1500s was the trucks mostly affected but after I watched a you tube video of a post with 1500 Sierra and bottle of water shaking in center counsel, I started getting nervous about my truck, however, I had since tested a bottle and sunglasses in my and there is nothing compared to what I saw in you tube video post. My is generally coming from rear end and I still feel just poor balancing and/or the fact that lots have posted about goodyear wranglers not being able to road force balance. I just got 1100 miles on the truck and will continue to monitor but since dealership let out some air from rear tires it definitely changed the shake/vibration and it’s less now. So I would like to find out others that may have had similar case but strictly with sierra 2500/denali HDs not 1500s. Thanks!
  15. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Well that’s great. I have Goodyear Wrangler SR-A which came stock and I haven’t heard much positive about them. I still feel that the vibration is due to balancing, I just don’t find this dealership’s techs to be as experienced as some independent tire shops that do it day-in and day-out for many years. And this forum has informed me that my stock tires are just unbalancable when it comes to road force balancing. I wish I could drive someone’s 2018 model like my just to see if anything is different/similar.

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