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  1. this is what I was being told to place on my (see photo). Basically, you would slide on stock one...this is MBRP. anyone out there with this one on their DMax? Thoughts?
  2. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Yep 1500s arw more prone to the issue. I hve a 2500HD and sort of experienced it but since have not felt it. So I am thinking it may have something to do with drive shaft being aluminum and when it’s hot weather it absorbs more heat plus from driving it heats up faster so the turnes make it vibrate/shake. I am waiting till spring/summer to troubleshoot and go from there. Hopefully it was just something to do with new truck not broken in yet. That’s as far as I got with it but others on this forum have engaged other means including taking it to legal process. Will have to see if GM comes out with recal or fix.
  3. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Is your truck 1500 or 2500HD model?
  4. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I feel like GM will finally have a recall. Interesting to see what will unfold.
  5. Shake or Vibration Issues

  6. Shake or Vibration Issues

    LoL totally agree on a fix part. Michelins are great tires. I once had this same vibe/shake experience with my Tundra truck, which would be 1/2 ton same class as 1500 Sierra or Silverado and it turned out to be tires causing it, actually bridgestone ones. Well Toyota told dealer to ask me what brand I wanted. So I told them michellins. But you can see how quick GM is when they need to sell a vehicle to meet their monthly goals vs when they need to extend that superior customer service when they need to service the vehicle or do any type of customer service. I think this is true with any vehicle manufacturer.
  7. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Unreal. I hope the tires are not Goodyear wranglers because lot people have complained about those. My first inclination was tires, then rims, now a driveshaft. However, I no longer experience the vibration/shake at all so I am wondering if it was just needing to drive for 2,000+ miles to break-in. Or the weather aspect has an effect on driveshaft so vibration will return in warmer weather. I do have an open case and they are still to run PICO on shaft l, but I will ask to hold off until next summer or have them do it now than again in summer to rule out shaft if in fact. More to come...
  8. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Wow GMCJoe17. That’s insane! So they fix it with one component but cause the same issue with another. Are these techs certified with experience or just random techs who have no clue how to work a balancer let alone fixing anything else of such capacity. Crazy for sure!
  9. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Appreciate the update GMCJoe17. It’s interesting how GM knows it’s driveshaft issues and they just wouldn’t go ahead with a recall. Instead they try to circumvent the obvious and make it sounds like it’s all others parts like tires, axels etc. My dealership finally admitted that there was one other customer of theirs who had similar concern as we all do and they had to replace all of his axels. So like others commented, it may be a combination of components and/or one component depending on a truck model trim etc. But I still do believe it’s a driveshaft for many of us out here. Interesting enough I no longer feel the vibration at any speed whatsoever, however, I am in agreement with someone who said something about aluminum shaft and heat absorbing fact in warm weather vs cold. I reside in CNY and currently our weather conditions are in upper 30s to low 40s and have to say it has something to do with driveshaft but at this point whatever it may be it’s helping and I am happy. Will have to see what driving dynamics summer 2019 brings, probably vibration LoL!
  10. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Based on all of information thus far, my best guess will still be that a specific cabin/seat and rear of cabin shake/vibration is due to aluminum driveshaft. I currently have an open case with GM and will be working with dealership in terms of performing PICO test but I will recommend to them to perform PICO in hot weather conditions vs cold. Being that I reside in CNY and it’s in 40s currently, I will ask to wait till June/July 2019 and have PICO done when weather is up in 70s+. My take is just like someone else mentioned in this forum that aluminum absorbs heat fast and could expand so due to all that it may cause vibration as driveshaft turns, etc especially at higer speeds. As of now I had my tires road forced, wheels checked, brakes/rotors inspected and nothing has been found out of ordinary however at the same time I am no longer experiencing any vibration similar to what I did while weather was warmer so we will see. It seems that GM is well aware of this issue but doesn’t want to proceed yet however I do feel it should be a recall anytime soon.
  11. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Interesting perspective. I hope GM is reviewing and listening to these experiences we are all having. The driveshaft hot/cold makes lot of sense given weather conditions in certain parts of country unless it’s tires or any other suspension components which seem to be first things GM suggests to look into and rule stuff out.
  12. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Rolling tunder - the dealership told me they got no prints from road forced balancing because the machine can’t print results to a printer. So not sure how that works because an independent tire shop told me to ask dealership for printout of results as they said they had issues with Goodyear wranglers the very same one on GM trucks. Like tires were bad from manufacturer to start with. Who knows anymore what’s the cause but like others said GM knows but won’t admit to it.
  13. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Excellent summary thank you totally agree with rolling thunder. I am expecting them to say PICO is within specs just like they did road forced balancing and said within GM specs. After I asked them to provide in writing, they said machine doesn’t print such information. Is it really true? I don’t believe anything they’re saying, always need to validate.
  14. Shake or Vibration Issues

    Great so something is in works. I feel that’s a normal way of doing, first the bulletins than recall etc. Speaking of bulletins, I think these are the two: 16-NA-339 and PIT5451B. I told my dealership to have my truck gone through both of these to check but my understanding is that these bulletins have nothing to do with Sierra 2500HDs or Denali HDs. They are more specific to 1500s and other GMC models excluding heavy duty pickups. I am also starting to feel maybe some of it could just be me or the fact I am now driving diesel beast compared to gas engine. Have to hang tight and see but I don’t want anything wrong with my truck after so much time of waiting to get into one!
  15. Shake or Vibration Issues

    LoL what a process. Well interesting enough I have to say that I have not been noticing vibration at 72-75 speeds anymore. It’s strange but it’s no longer apparent like before. I did sort of feel it at higher speeds like 85-95 but that could be due to cross winds etc especially going that speed. However, the dealer should be reaching out back to me to work on service bulletins once they have PICO tool in thier hands. So we will see what that comes to. I do feel that a real shake/vibration is at driveshaft area. And it’s not uncommon for engineers to come out and enage. Hopefully by having engineers due this maybe GM will come out with a fix and recall. Let see what happens. Keep posting please. Thanks!

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