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  1. Thanks Davester. That does clarify things a bit. +1 on the wrecking yard. NAPA wants $225 for 3 of the connectors.
  2. The info that I am finding online has me confused..... Replacement harnesses show a single connector for each side. My existing wiring appears intact except for the mission connectors. It has a bundle of 4 wires coming from each tail light up to the junction board. The Junction board has 3 available connectors and the pictures that I have found show all three connectors being used. I have two bundles of wires that go to the left & right tail light assemblies.Left: Brown, Yellow, Lt Green and BlackRight: Brown, Dk Green. Lt Green and BlackThoughts? Suggestions?
  3. Hello All,I purchased a 2004 Silverado 2500 with no bed on it. I found & mounted a 2009 bed on it.When I got to the tail light wiring I found that the connectors that go from the tail light wiring to the junction point mounted to the frame had been cut off.I have been searching online and only managed to confuse myself more.There are 3 connectors on the junction that look almost the same. They are all 8 position but 2 of them only have 7 pins the third has 8 pins.I found the mating connector online but am uncertain as to whether the two 7 pin connectors are Right & Left or the 8 pin runs both. I am totally confused as to which, if either, is correct.Can anyone clue me in as to which connectors to use & wiring details?Thanks.
  4. Thank you, It fit reasonably well. 50 foot beautiful...
  5. Well...... I found a 2009 that looks pretty good. Any additional thoughts regarding fit on my 2004? Thanks. S.
  6. Thanks Casey, Are you fairly confident? I found a 2007-2014 bed in Spokane that I am considering. 2-1/2 hour drive so I want to be fairly confident before I commit. Thanks again. S.
  7. Thanks for the replies. The truck is a 2004. As best I understand it, please correct me if I am wrong, the bed from 1999 to early 2007 will interchange. Loate 2007 the body style changed.
  8. Hello Everyone, I just purchased a Chevy Silverado 2500. It would be a longbed if it had a bed on it.... I have seen plenty of beds for sale that were left when someone installed a flatbed or service body. I did not expect it to be any trouble finding a decent replacement. I was wrong....... I have been online & on the phone all day. I am finding lots of Ford and Dodge beds and a few 2008-2014 Chevy beds. I am begining to wonder if I can reasonably fit a 2008+ bed on my 2004 truck? Is anyone here familiar enough with the mounting of the beds to tell me what would be involved with putting the 2008-2014 bed on my 2004 truck? Thanks. S.
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