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  1. jweb


    I would like to buy this. Where are you located? I may be able to get a better price for shipping and send you a label. Either way I want it.
  2. I had the same problem on my '14 Silverado. Luckily mine is just the Summit white. I got quotes from $1000- $1500. They wanted to strip the door and repaint it then blend into the fender and rear door. Finally went to a small shop that only accepts cash ( they don't deal with insurance companies). Paid $400 to get the door stripped and repainted, no blending. It looks perfect, so I would shop around.
  3. Do you have a pic of where the strap is broke? I would think a local upholstery shop could re-sew the straps.
  4. I have a ‘14 Silverado and want to remove the factory mud flaps. I’m trying to find the stock pieces that go in the same place but the parts drawings are confusing. Are these the correct parts? Front? Fender protector Rear? Rear protector
  5. Sorry these hold the metal neck to the housing. Doesn’t sound like that’s what you need. Unfortunately I don’t have the body to housing bolts.
  6. I have a set of the 3 screws that hold the neck to the housing. If that’s what you need just send me your address and I will send them to you.
  7. Here are some pics. The first 2 show the piece sideways in the hose. The other pics show the actual part. I hope this helps someone else with the same problem
  8. Yes it does but I fixed it today. I removed the fill hose and at the bottom of the hose there’s a plastic piece. It looks like a grill on the top but it’s solid on the sides. It’s probably to keep anyone from stealing your gas. That plastic piece was turned sideways blocking the fuel hose almost completely. Since I had bought a new hose I replaced it but I could have just removed that piece to fix the problem. I will post some pics tomorrow of the piece.
  9. Thanks, I built it myself. My dad bought the truck in ‘77 and it was my ride home when I was born. It sat since 1980 in pieces and I got it ‘05 when my dad passed.
  10. Both are kind of plain but here’s my “14 Silverado I got a few weeks ago and my wife’s Tahoe we got last October. Also threw in a pic of my “51 .
  11. I tried blowing air through the vent that goes to the cap and no change. Decided to take it to a local dealership for diagnosing and they say it’s the fill hose. Unfortunately the hose isn’t available currently and they’re not sure when it will be with the GM strike. I may order an aftermarket hose but I highly doubt this will fix it. The hose looks perfect inside (with a scope) and out.
  12. I’m trying to find a grill for my ‘14 Silverado. I would like the chrome surround with black honeycomb inserts. I can’t seem to find the part # does anyone know where I can find the part # or one of these grilles for sale? Thanks
  13. Just tried cleaning out the canister like the video on my lunch and nothing came out.
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