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  1. Fish Bite/Chuggle

    I found a solution and created an account for this post... I bought a brand new 2017 Silverado 5.3 6 speed, kept it stock, immediately noticed the chuggle or stammer/bucking up hills. My commute consists of mostly uphills and I found I could mitigate the problem if I hammered the throttle more than usual. I figured it was fuel delivery or throttle position. I tried tuning programs to no avail. Finally after 20,000 miles, and reading the forums, I found something that would fit behind the accelerator pedal - a pack of large sized sticky notes. Put the whole pack behind the accelerator pedal assembly. The pedal assembly is made of plastic and flexes as you depress the pedal, causing a difference in how the throttle plate should open and how much air is delivered into the intake. It causes the computer to think it’s being starved. This should be fixed by GM. I have the pack of sticky notes installed for 3 days and my truck no longer stammers and drives brand new. I just feel bad for all the components that were starved for fuel and air this whole time I’ve owned the truck. I plan on contacting GM customer care and my dealer since I’ve had a reference number established. The transmission reflash is unnecessary.

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