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  1. lust installed the motofab 2" in the front. running all stock 18s. debating on a tire size. was thinking 285/65R18 but not sure. FHLH looks like mine, not sure if i should go any bigger
  2. Yes, Warranty is still good. only reason i take it to a dealer! i prefer to do my own work if not.
  3. I agree, it should not be locking. Just going to need to take it to the shop i guess. Was curious if anyone else had it happen.
  4. Has anyone had issues with their rear ed not unlocking at slow speeds, mostly while turning? a few times now in parking lots at 5 MPH or doing a U-Turn my rea end has locked under no throttle input and i get a lot of hopping and popping.
  5. after exhausting every avenue with GM, BBP was the best to deal with and have addressed my issue. I was very confident from the start all these issues were programming flaws. After their tune the truck drives very smooth and is a lot more responsive. VERY VERY happy with the results. Such a shame GM would not back their own product.
  6. It has been night and day with the truck. It drives so much better. I have now added a cat back exhaust and had it returned for that and removed AFM. The change from 8 to for always had a funny kick. It is now even smoother. Best thing I have done to the truck I actually enjoy driving it.
  7. i have to use the fogs, i feel that my 14s Halogen bulbs were a lot better at lighting up the road.
  8. wish i had the chrome front, Z71 painted looks cheap in my opinion
  9. my 17 stock HIDs are terrible. i want to upgrade them but don't feel i should have to on a brand new truck, yet the only way i got it to drive better is with the Blackbear Performance tune, so i guess the lights are on par with the rest of the truck. Man how i would kill to get my 04 back!!!
  10. 1) stays in lower gear for easy driving, full throttle launch is the same, just firmer shifts 2) drops down and holds gear longer 3) asked to eliminate torque management and seems quite a bit snappier 4) because it is the '17 there is a $50 fee due to the added security, and i also opted for the hard case. total came to $709
  11. that was true until they figured out the unlock. If you want to clarify it then talk with Black Bear. I have a separate flash file for the TCM and it makes a BIG difference.
  12. no, you flash the ECM and the TCM with their own tune file thru the auto cal
  13. no, there is no removal of anything, just plug in, get code, send file to get unlock code, then unlock copy and data log. then get tuned file back and put it on autocal then reflash
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