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    2005 Chevy Suburban XL 4x4
  1. 2005 Suburban Service 4WD issues

    I too have a 2005 Suburban 4x4,mine is the flex fuel.. Anyhow at almost 180k same exact thing happened to mine. I would be driving and poof running 65mph it would engage 4 low. Or switch to Auto. There would also be times when I needed 4x4 it would not engage at all but would act like it. This truck had me so mad crazy I was ready to let it fall off a cliff. It spent 6 weeks at the Chevy Dealership, not a big deal they let me pick anything I wanted to drive. Big mistake for this girl.. Anyways, they checked everything from the transmission,to the rear axel.and finally the shop foreman was driving it home and poof finally engaged on its own. Turns out the issue was about 1,000 bucks to fix.. Ended up having to replace the control buttons for the 4x4 and the control module mother board for the 4x4. Now it sets at 230k and 4x4 works amazing... Fyi, if you just replace the buttons it will not change anything,if you just replace the mother board nothing..for some odd reason both have to be changed. So far most expensive repair to date. Now just to get these damn spark plug wires off and I will be extremely happy... Good luck...Hope this helps...

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