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  1. Relentless high clearance, you cut the bottom of the fender off. Not there...no chips.
  2. Three years of rocks, gravel and mud on my ZR and no chips, yours must be special.
  3. Starting to see this with 1st gen Colorado's, 2nd gens still cost to much.
  4. The Gladiator is 3" narrower, 10" longer with 11" more wheelbase compared to the ZR2. Depending on what it drives like and price has a major impact on success.
  5. It does not have the drive train to handle the power. 33" and up tires with a tune can twist to front axles and eat the r&p.
  6. These trucks with 6 and 8 speed have what is called "adaptive learning" The trans controller learns your driving style over a 500 mile period and make adjustments accordingly. Don't like how it shifts disconnect the batt for 30 min and start over. Some don't like the throttle by wire feeling. The work around is installing a "Pedal Commander" or a Trifecta Tune. The LGZ/8L45 with Trifecta tune runs really nice. Several owners have used a product called "Shutter Fix", added to the trans. Those that have do not get the TQ shutter, coincidence or random??? It may work.
  7. There is a skid covering the fuel tank. Those bars that cover the tranny pan are extra $$$, I have full skids and a Zeon 12-s for under 2.4k. Don't care for the front bumper but I do like the rear one.
  8. Your transmission has a "learning curve" it takes about 500 miles before it shifts normal.
  9. Normal. Cam shaft not "parking", Hi pressure fuel pump. I few owners have had a bad lifter, I'm one of them, lifter well get to the point of noise all the time, the dealer can then figure it out.
  10. I believe there is a rubber grommet near the steering column that you can cut and pass the harness thru. I have two sets of light bars, one on the roof and one on the nose. I didn't like the idea of cutting a hole in the dash for a set of switches and also running two harness wires thru the firewall. I bought a two channel wireless remote off Amazon to trigger the relays. Works great, been in service for several months now. We'll see how battery life goes.
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