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  1. It seems a few people have had good luck in this thread, I didnt even see it before posting this. Maybe there will be some more options by the time Im ready to do this truck. Between my LBZ and this, i dont put on that many miles on either.
  2. It seems that information is very limited on them. They do guarantee that they tune both the trans and the motor, so for $400 I will probably give them a shot when my warranty is up. You would think more people would have tried it by now for the 17s and 18s. Otherwise you are $400 into just a unlocked TCM, then gotta buy the TCM tune and ECM tune. My diesel tuning was only $600, no way would I spend $1000 on a gas tune.
  3. Has anyone gotten a Trifecta tune for their 17 or 18 8 speed? I have read a bunch of threads and other stuff online and it appears they are able to tune the T87a without unlocking or removing the TCM like HP Tuners requires. Just wanted to see if anyone has tried it. I know they have awesome reviews for the gm cars and suvs, especially the colorados, acadais etc. $400 for a tune with a flash loader seems like a pretty good deal, if they are legit. Any feedback would be great! I have about 8k miles until my warranty is up, so trying to plan ahead.
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