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  1. Thank you for your help Gentlemen, What I was told by the service department was that because I changed my pinion gears the wheel sensors are detecting a rotation deference between the rear wheels and the tranny which is then sending a signal to the traction control unit to shut off the speed control because it thinks that the vehicle is losing traction / out of control so it shuts off the cruise control. Maybe someone that reads this post could tell me? The service department also said that the Hypertech would correct my speedometer but would not reprogram the the cruise control program. Whats sad about this whole thing is GM does have a program for trucks running 4.10 gears but they will not do it, why? I don't know. I even told them I would pay for the programming. Dave -
  2. That's correct. The dealer ship already had it install for the bigger tire they installed.
  3. I already have the hyper tech calibration installed, it did adjust the MPH for my new gear ratio and my tires but it dint help with my cruise control problem -
  4. I'm not able to have this programmer sent to me because I'm in California. I have been looking for a tuner that i'm able to have shipped to me but have not had any luck. Any suggestions?
  5. Yes, I just got it back from the dealer. The service department told me it's because I installed the 4.10 gears and I was told that they do not not have a program for the 4.10 which is weird because I used stock 410 gears which is available through GMC. So for right now the truck runs great but I do not have cruise control for the highway speeds. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
  6. Yes, Cruise Control. Yes, The original dealer installed a Hypertech inline speedometer Calibrator.
  7. Need Help; My New 2018 Chevy 1500 4x4 with only 1800 mils speed control does not work at highway speeds, only at lower speeds below 40 mph. Once it gets above 40 mph the speed control shuts off, the on light stays on but the speed control will not engage. Once I get below 40 mph the speed control will start working again. Existing condition of the Truck; I bought the truck brand new off a Chevy dealer which already had a 6" Pro-Comp Lift and with 35"x 12.5"x 20" tires/rims installed on it. The Chevy dealer had a company call DSI install all their lifts on their new trucks. DSI also installed an Hypertech inline speedometer Calibrator. I was told that the truck is covered under the chevy standard warranty and DSI covers anything that Chevy will not. [This is also in writing] After I bought the truck I took it to a local well known 4x4 off road shop and had them replace the stock 3.42 gears with Chevy 4.10 gears. The truck runs great ! The only issue is that my speed control is not working at highway speeds. I did take the truck to another local Chevy dealer that's closer to where I live, to make a long story short they did try to diagnose the problem but could not find anything. All they could say is that it might have been something to do with the lift kit or the gear change and I should bring it back to the dealer whom I bought it from which I have already schedule an appointment. DSI did remove the Hypertech inline speedometer Calibrator but made no different. Has anybody else had this issue with there truck? If you have and you had if fixed what was the problem. Thanks, Dave -
  8. You are right !! Thank you for the info !! http://www.demandaam.com/axle-results?vm=GM&q=9.5"+12+Bolt+-+Rear+Axle
  9. Good catch - You got me thinking so I called my Mechanic and asked him why the different gears between the front and back axles [4.10\4.11]. I was told that our Chevy trucks front and rear axles are made from different company's. My rear axle is a 9.5" Dana and the front is made by another company which I cant seem to remember their name right now but it's a 8.5" axle, because of this Dana makes a 4.10 gear for their 9.5" axle and the other axle manufacture because it's a 8.5" axle the company makes a 4.10 gear for it. This being said the bottom line is that it's less than 1% different between the 4.10 and the 4.11 gear and it will not affect the driving ability or cause any issues with the moving parts within the drive line. Hope this helps -
  10. Good question, I'm not a 100% sure but this practice has been going on for years. I always assumed it was to keep the front wheels to have the ability to turn/pull ahead of the rear wells ever so slightly otherwise the rear drive could push the truck straight if the truck weight transfer to the rear of the truck while off roading. Like I said though I’m not 100% sure.
  11. I wish I was able to say that I did it my self but I dint. I used a well known shop in my area. It cost me $1600 including parts and Labor [both ends]. I won't think just because you have 3.08 gears would change much. I will add this info to my original post. Thank you for the kind words -
  12. Do your calculations with 34" tire I'm curious to see what the difference is within 1 inch. Thanks for the info -
  13. I feel that 4.10 would be a great choice and you will feel a huge different in toque/power and it would leave you room to move up to 35" tires at a later date if you wanted to. Bottom line is what will you really use the truck for.
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