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  1. Why I installed 4.10 Gears -

    You are right !! Thank you for the info !! http://www.demandaam.com/axle-results?vm=GM&q=9.5"+12+Bolt+-+Rear+Axle
  2. Why I installed 4.10 Gears -

    Good catch - You got me thinking so I called my Mechanic and asked him why the different gears between the front and back axles [4.10\4.11]. I was told that our Chevy trucks front and rear axles are made from different company's. My rear axle is a 9.5" Dana and the front is made by another company which I cant seem to remember their name right now but it's a 8.5" axle, because of this Dana makes a 4.10 gear for their 9.5" axle and the other axle manufacture because it's a 8.5" axle the company makes a 4.10 gear for it. This being said the bottom line is that it's less than 1% different between the 4.10 and the 4.11 gear and it will not affect the driving ability or cause any issues with the moving parts within the drive line. Hope this helps -
  3. Why I installed 4.10 Gears -

    Good question, I'm not a 100% sure but this practice has been going on for years. I always assumed it was to keep the front wheels to have the ability to turn/pull ahead of the rear wells ever so slightly otherwise the rear drive could push the truck straight if the truck weight transfer to the rear of the truck while off roading. Like I said though I’m not 100% sure.
  4. Why I installed 4.10 Gears -

    I wish I was able to say that I did it my self but I dint. I used a well known shop in my area. It cost me $1600 including parts and Labor [both ends]. I won't think just because you have 3.08 gears would change much. I will add this info to my original post. Thank you for the kind words -
  5. Why I installed 4.10 Gears -

    Do your calculations with 34" tire I'm curious to see what the difference is within 1 inch. Thanks for the info -
  6. Why I installed 4.10 Gears -

    That is interesting. I wonder why?
  7. Why I installed 4.10 Gears -

    I feel that 4.10 would be a great choice and you will feel a huge different in toque/power and it would leave you room to move up to 35" tires at a later date if you wanted to. Bottom line is what will you really use the truck for.
  8. Why I installed 4.10 Gears -

    What gear is in your truck now?
  9. Why I installed 4.10 Gears -

    Do you have a gas or diesel engine? Between the 4.10's and the 4.56's gear there is only around 300 rpm different which can be a lot at times.
  10. Why I installed 4.10 Gears -

    What size engine, Trans type/speed and cab does your truck have?
  11. Because of all the conversation on Differential Gear selections I decide to share what I ended up using on my truck and why, hopping this will help the next person trying to make this decision; My truck is a 2018 4x4 Crew Cab, 5.3 engine, 6 speed auto and came with 3.42 gears. I installed a Pro-Comp 6" lift, 20" rims with 35" Tires [Tire actual diameter is 34"] I used the Hypertech's In-Line Speedometer Calibrator Module [7301Speedometer Calibrators Inline - Part #73012727] to correct my speedo, FYI - Working great and easy to use. I decided to go with 4.10 gears in the rear and 4.11 in the front. The truck is running great with all the power and towing capacity I need [Ski Boat]. I use my truck for weekend runabouts and to get up to Tahoe and Arnold Ca. during the winter months. I have no issues with stop light take offs or highway driving. For me it was the best all-around choice. There are a couple of reasons why I deiced to go with the 4.10 gears. 1] I was able to use OEM parts/gears, Chevy does make 4.10 gears for our trucks. 2] I did not have to change out any other parts within my differential for the 4.10 gears swap. 3] The 4.10 gears [with the 6sp auto] puts my engine RPM where I wanted them [70mph in OD 2000-RPM's & 5th gear at 2400 RPM +/-] I had another 4x4 with 35" tire and 4.55 gears and the truck ran great as well but I did spin the engine up a little more. If I was using my truck for towing a larger trailer or doing a lot of off road driving or running bigger tires I would have gone with the 4.55 gears instead. Be honest with your self on how you will really going to use your truck, then you will be able to make the right gears selection for your self. Have Fun -
  12. 2018 Silverado 1500 4x4

    Sweet looking truck !!! I like the front bumper guard !!
  13. 2018 Silverado 1500 4x4

    2018 Silverado 1500 4x4, 6" Pro-Comp Lift, 20" rims, 35" Tires 4.10 gears

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