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  1. How did they diagnose that? I have had this code on/off and a low coolant....
  2. Rich codes

    Have had the same issue with my 2015 Yukon. Stealership says its the High Pressure Fuel Pump. Get it fixed pronto.
  3. Gday folks, Sadly Ive run into the same problem with the HPFP on my 2015 Yukon SLE. My symptoms have been on/off for the last 20,000 miles. Finally took it in and the stealership pointed out the HPFP. I am having a hell of a time arguing with GM in covering the repair under my 5/100,000 Powertrain warranty (my current mileage is 89000). My question to all is: Has anyone been able to cover this repair with their POWER-TRAIN warranty? Thanks

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