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  1. Bump for an update on how the 1" spacers work out! I have the stock 18", would love to go only an inch out on them. I wonder if the stock 18" rims would hit the studs?
  2. What's up, Michigangsters? Ypsilanti here. Anyone have their trucks out on the Silver Lake Sand dunes?
  3. Hum. Thanks for the input! The install guide mentioned that it was possible to not use screws at all, which was a plus for me. But, I obviously have no experience there. You make a good point about the different matte/gloss black, I was thinking about that and I'm still trying to decide between these or the Bushwacker OE style ones (either body painted or matte black). How far did these end up sticking out? Thanks!
  4. I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to ask... @A.J. Curtis I made an account just to ask you, did you install the putco flares? Not sure if this is what you ordered, but the link was broken. I was looking at these: https://www.putco.com/black-platinum-fender-trim I wanted something that looked close to the GMC style, but I liked the idea of not having a black plastic flare that was smaller and not excessive. I've got a blue '15. Feel free to message me back directly or post up some pics if you did! -Tucker
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