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  1. For live traffic you need to have the $40 Onstar/GMC unlimited access plan. However, since the new infotainment system seems to be a work in process, it's not very reliable. At least 3 or 4 times a week live traffic won't show up. I've used it for a year now and plan on canceling the service. I'll just use android auto. It's not as convenient, but it works better and it's free.
  2. Yeah, it was a typo. It should be 10 HP & 6 lb-ft torque for the 5.3 with duals. Here's a different link. https://www.chevrolet.com/performance/vehicle-upgrades/new-silverado/exhaust
  3. 6.2 400 mile - without trying to conserve fuel.
  4. You may want to look at the Fold-A-Cover G4 elite. It has the best locking latch system I've seen on a folding cover, and you can't open it with a coat hanger or Slim Jim like the Undercover or Bak.
  5. The shutoff is based on the speed ratings of the original tires. My AT4 with the Q rated LT275/65R18 Duratracs shuts off at 98 mph.
  6. Since no auxiliary/replacement tanks are ever likely to be available, I was thinking about going this route....http://titanfueltanks.com/titan-sidekick-15-gal-portable-liquid-tank-5040015
  7. Mine makes a whirring noise that sounds a lot like the servo motors on a robotic arm. To tell if the sound is the parking brake, stand outside the vehicle by the rear wheels while someone engages and disengages the parking brake. You'll hear the the parking brake motors on the rear axle. Since my driveway is sloped, the brake motors will engage automatically when I park.
  8. No software update I know of will fix that. It looks like either a connection issue (cable or board) or a bad display. I see similar issues when cables get pinched too.
  9. When they do get it working just ask them to give you a free month. it's the least they could do. I'm beginning to think that OnStar is not up to speed with the new Infotainment systems. It took them a week to solve my issues with live traffic. On a side note - Iv'e had my truck since October and my insurance company (AAA) still can't verify my VIN number. Which is funny because the state already issued plates and the VIN is in their system.
  10. FYI - you don't have to go thru Costco to to use the promotion. I didn't know about the promotion when I bought my truck but the dealer did. They took my card and entered the info for me. The next day I received and email with the authorization number and a link to the survey. 4 weeks later I received the cash card.
  11. Unfortunately, you are correct! No $3.99 Navtraffic for the 2019 upper trim levels. For real-time traffic you need Connected Navigation, which is only available with the $39.99 GMC Unlimited Access plan. Since it's a new Infotainment system, the OnStar reps seem to be unaware that Navtraffic is unavailable on the new systems. it took an hour on the phone with OnStar to get the unlimited access plan added back into to my system and another 16 hours before it was fully integrated.
  12. Yes, been there done that. When I open my account there is no Navtraffic or Travel link option available like I had with my previous truck. XM claims that my radio is not capable of using the plans.
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