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  1. Bose wiring diagram 08 Denali

    I replaced all the Bose speakers/amp/sub and connecting a new head unit. Problem is I have 2 constant power signals but haven't found the ignition power. From researching I have read a lot of people going to the rap (retained accessory power).
  2. Bose wiring diagram 08 Denali

    Thanks, Looking for ignition power. Found 2 constant powers but not power when you turn the ignition on. Any help not finding which wire it is.
  3. Looking for a wiring diagram for an 08 GMC Sierra Denali with a Bose system. Been searching for one for a couple days and I can find the basic system but not the Bose if anyone has a diagram id appreciate it!
  4. New to the 6.2L.. Picked up an 08 Sierra Denali AWD with 123k miles a couple months ago. Believe it's L92... Kooks LT and hatless Y pipe and intake will be going on soon. Cant stand looking at them in the garage lol. Plan to get a blackbear tune.. Be happy to just get 14 MPG on the highway lol.
  5. Do you like your job/career

    I don't mind my career. It just comes down to how well the company you work for operates. Which my current one is ran like a drunk teenager looking for his car keys in the dark. Pay is okay for not having a college degree worth while. But the best perks is the people you come in contact with and the relationships you make with customers. Makes for great side work which is where the real money is made.
  6. Is it normal to give a car like a gift

    If that's what you want to do go for it. I see no issues gifting a truck that will help someone. Sounds like they really need it. If you can afford to gift a truck to someone and they must mean a lot to you to help them out like that. Go for it!
  7. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    Picked up another truck last night. 08 Denali. Just tinted the shield 35% and now heading to pick up some new tires for the 22's that are ordered. Hope to have all appearance mods done by Christmas then motor work begins
  8. GM needs to step it up on the new denali's interior. Test drove the new 6.2L Denali and a 5.0 platinum and it wasn't close. Ford won me over on the interior of those trucks and my last 3 trucks were GM.
  9. Picked up a Denali 6.2L last night. Love the power compared to the 5.3 but def needs more power to be close to the smile my Dmax gave me. Tons of good info on here for sure!

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