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  1. You’re welcome. I’m seriously contemplating the same. I think even at 4” on my GMC, I can use the stock 20” with 35’s. From what I’ve been able to tell, the components in the Zone vs BDS are the exact same parts, with the exception of skid plate and rear shocks. The warranty is a bit different, but the Zone kit is about $450.00 less I believe.
  2. A little info for you. The Zone and the BDS 4” and 6” kits are basically the same except for the front strut spacers and the rear blocks. You could actually buy the 4” and if you later decided you wanted to go 6” you could simply purchase the 6” front strut spacers And the taller rear blocks. That would then turn the 4” kit into a 6” kit.
  3. I believe I have the same noise. My dealer said “could not duplicate”. I can hear it sometimes when going down the road if the radio isn’t too loud.
  4. Just picked up my SLT Crew Cab Standard Bed on Saturday. Took about 10 weeks to arrive.
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