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  1. Dig the tailgate letters. Where do these come from?
  2. I will try and take pics, not sure how well it will show though. Let you know.
  3. Purchased my new Denali 3500 DRW in Sumter South Carolina. Even though I live 400 miles away in Orlando, FL. I had to go that far to find the truck I wanted. No big deal, I was trading my 2919 new body 1500 in, so I drove up from Orlando on Wednesday March 4th. By the time I arrived at the dealer it was almost 6:00PM and it was raining hard, and almost dark. The new truck was outside and was obviously covered in water. Made the transaction quickly (dealer was easy to work with throughout the entire process) and hit the road for the long drive home. Due to the time of day and the rain, it was not possible to do a detailed inspection of the truck. Figured it was a new truck all should be fine. The previous truck had no issues with paint & body, in fact it was really good. That truck was built in Ft. Wayne and this one was built in Flint, Michigan. Quality is clearly not the same. Almost immediately it became apparent the steering wheel was not centered (off about 15 degrees to the left). I continued on driving so I could get back. The next morning, back in Orlando, I called a local dealer and made an appointment to have the front alignment issue checked for the next day, Friday the 6th. Later that day I noticed several issues with the paint & body. Slight dent in the upper left bedside that clearly was that way before it was painted, primer showing through the paint in several areas, a couple of spots on the right front of the bedside, and a spot on the front upper area of the left rear door. I immediately called the selling dealer to advise of these issues and the alignment problem. Once at the local dealer, I was basically told to pound sand about the paint and dent issues. So I asked them to at least document the issues and take pictures. Was advised they would. They re-aligned the steering wheel and the service manager said he drove it and it was all good. Immediately after leaving it became aware the wheel was now off to the right, not as severely ax before, but off about 5 degrees. I called GMC customer service to advise them about the issues and the fact the dealer said they would do anything about it. The customer service person advised she would investigate and get back to me. After not hearing anything for about a week I called and got a huge run around and was told to call the rep who took the original call. I was given her extension number. Upon attempt to reach her, it was discovered the extension number given was not valid. I then sent an email and after 2 days and no reply, I called again and explained what had occurred to that point. I was then advised after insisting on speaking with a rep in the US that the case had been closed. No freaking resolution, no follow up, nothing, just close the case. The alleged US rep said she would open a new case and the process started all over again. After several days of missed calls and leaving voice messages, I spoke to a rep and explained everything in detail from start to now and was promptly told since I signed for the vehicle when I picked it up, I essentially was waiving my warranty for clear factory defects. I should have inspected it upon delivery and I guess refused to accept or put the delivering dealer on notice. As you can imagine, I lost my mind right about then and went off verbally on the rep. I believe she said the case would be escalated but I’m not entirely sure what was said as I was busy raging. I’m posting this long drawn out story for a couple of reasons, but one is to find out if anyone here might have som recommendations. Mostly hoping to find folks that might have had similar issues The delivery dealer advised I was doing the right thing and in fact that’s what they would be doing if I brought the truck back to them, which obviously I can’t. Sorry for the long winded post.
  4. You’re welcome. I’m seriously contemplating the same. I think even at 4” on my GMC, I can use the stock 20” with 35’s. From what I’ve been able to tell, the components in the Zone vs BDS are the exact same parts, with the exception of skid plate and rear shocks. The warranty is a bit different, but the Zone kit is about $450.00 less I believe.
  5. A little info for you. The Zone and the BDS 4” and 6” kits are basically the same except for the front strut spacers and the rear blocks. You could actually buy the 4” and if you later decided you wanted to go 6” you could simply purchase the 6” front strut spacers And the taller rear blocks. That would then turn the 4” kit into a 6” kit.
  6. I believe I have the same noise. My dealer said “could not duplicate”. I can hear it sometimes when going down the road if the radio isn’t too loud.
  7. Just picked up my SLT Crew Cab Standard Bed on Saturday. Took about 10 weeks to arrive.
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