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  1. Aww common. While your at it, lets see your tax returns too.
  2. In a Jeep forum I read they talk about how Moog isn't what they used to be the last few years. They are now actually recommending OEM parts over them. They do say that NAPA has two different lines of parts and some of the more expensive ones are made by Spicer (at least for some of the Jeep parts). I cannot personally confirm or deny that. I hope they are wrong because I just replaced a bunch of stuff on my Jeep with Moog parts. They have been good to me over the years. I just couldn't bring myself to buy mopar.
  3. These days, I would not be surprised. They must have turned it up a little too loud.
  4. I took Christine our for a ride on Friday the 13th and the theme from Poltergeist started playing.... Nah, I'm kidding. I did take it back to the same spot and there are no AM or FM radio stations there as I stated in my first post. I did want to double check and make sure that was the case. In my previous experiences with any type of bleed through I was very close to a transmitter with the electronics on. Having bleed through with the truck off in an area that doesn't pick up radio stations with the radio on doesn't seem likely to me. Maybe the atmosphere can produce a hot spot that would be strong enough to pick up with the power off, but I don't know if that is even a possibility. Not a big surprise really, I've had things that were possessed before. First it was the wife, then the house, now a truck.
  5. My experience with rebuilt transmission is hit and miss, and I've used supposedly one of the best transmission shops in town. They did a car of mine, its still running. Then I took my Suburban to them. Went ok but it ended up acting strange under load, I don't remember exactly what it was doing. Took it back they drove it around the block and said it was good. I disagreed. After talking to them I got the impression the only way they were going to work on that transmission again was if it came in on the back of a tow truck. I had a month left on the "warranty" so almost everyday after work I would pull a trailer loaded with wood around hoping it would break completely. Unfortunately it didn't completely break and the problem was still there. I didn't want to pay for another trans and I didn't trust it driving around in the middle of nowhere so I traded it in. If I were in the same situation, if it was something I wanted to keep a long time I think I would be looking at a transmission with a 3 year 100k warranty. Something from here: https://www.genuinegmparts.com/powertrain-parts/transmissions-transfer-cases I couldn't post a link directly to a transmission, the link just went to the main page anyway. When I was young we were traveling pulling a trailer and the turbo 400 trans went out on our Buick Electra 225. After sitting on the side of the road for a while, we finally got a tow to a trans shop. They fixed it and we were on our way again. Well they didn't do everything they should have and a few hundred miles later the trans overheats, the fluid boils up through the dipstick onto the exhaust manifold and that car went down in flames. Literally. Finished our trip in a brand new Monte Carlo.
  6. So your accelerating down the road and everything is smooth until you hit 40, and the back end starts bouncing, and then it smooths out again after 40? Yeah, if its not balance that's a strange one. Bent rim maybe? What have you done to your truck between when it ran good and when it started doing this?
  7. Lamborghini, Bugatti, Koenigsegg and Ferrari Designed for different things. I'm thinking not many of those cars, if any, make it to 100k miles. Most sit in a garage.
  8. That's a great suggestion. I don't think so, but hard to say for sure. I had thought of maybe a skip, but I think that would be too weak with the truck off. I looked at the map and there is a 12,383 ft mountain a few miles away but they usually don't put radio stations that high. I might be back in that area in a week or two. I'll try the radio and see if I get any strong stations. I'd be real surprised if I picked up FM, or anything with it off. But it did pick up something once, so who knows. It will be difficult to scan for channels though.
  9. I took a ride over the weekend and stopped out in the boonies to eat. While stopped I start to hear faint music and think it must be a buggy coming down the road blasting their stereo. Didn't think much of it. But it doesn't get closer, or further away. I lean over and put my ear against the door speaker and it's coming from my truck. I look at the dash and it is black, no power. I pull my keys out of my pocket and I'm looking at the dash with no power, the drivers side door is open, my keys are in my hand and the stereo is faintly playing a song. There is no radio reception where I was, I don't have XM radio, and I don't have the song that was playing with me. About a minute later it stops. I can't think of how this could be possible. Unless someone has a better solution from this world, I'm going with it's possessed. Demonic possession probably isn't covered under the warranty. Maybe I could of had it exorcised on GM's dime.
  10. Fender flares or both. Which is the lesser of the evils for you? Fender flares or your tires sticking out? Mud flaps will protect down low, but won't stop anything being thrown forward or up. I don't think they will do much for the sides. And if you don't like the look of your tires sticking out, fender flares will take care of that too. PPF is an interesting idea, but comes with its own caveats keep up.
  11. I've used K&N since the early 80's in everything from cars, trucks, ATV's and motorcycles. I keep most of my vehicles a very long time. Never had a problem. Even lived in the boonies for several years on a dirt road that was like talcum powder. I put almost 300k miles on that truck before I sold it so I guess it was able to handle the "premature wear" some people claim they cause. It would seem to me if they are as bad as what people claim, it would void your warranty just buying one. They have been around 50 years so I would think there would be plenty of cases of ruined engines. They stand behind their products. If anyone is truly interested in knowing more: https://www.knfilters.com/autodealer.htm I did a dealer search in my area to see what comes up. Several car and motorcycle dealer sell them just in this area. I didn't scroll through the whole list but there was at lease one Chevy dealer too. They might even include it in your bumper to bumper warranty if they install it.
  12. It will be interesting in the end to see how many things that occur that people said wouldn't happen. Good luck and please keep us posted on the outcome.
  13. The bedrugs are nice. They are made from plastic so its weather proof, but they do feel very close to a rug. They also have a little cushion to them that might help protect things on a bumpy road. Pretty comfortable if you ever want to sleep in the bed of your pickup too.
  14. Yeah, that must be it. Now you can go cure cancer genius.
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