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  1. So why did GM reduce its drive train warranty to 60k? Almost half of what is was. It's not because they want your truck to last longer.
  2. Its easy to anticipate problems that happen year after year. GM's solution, cut the warranty. But people do need to realize GM could not care less if your truck lasts past the warranty period. Their job is to get you to buy it (that's why there is a warranty), and have it last for 36 - 60 months with minimal expenditure from them. After that they want to sell you a new one, not keep the old one going. That's why they cut the power train warranty. If the entire truck died at 61k miles, that would be perfect for them.
  3. New Shocks...

    You don't necessarily have to go with the Bilsteins. I used them because I wanted to raise the front a little bit as well. For example I had very good luck with Koni's on my old Suburban, but neither are a 2500. I've always heard turning the torsion bar keys could make the ride worse, never tried it myself. But as Capt Bob alluded to, your comparing a F150 to a 2500. They won't be the same.
  4. New Shocks...

    Ive had Koni's on a Suburban and old motorcycles with no complaints as well. The Suburban had the Nivomat self-leveling shocks that I loved on that car and Koni had replacements. At over $300 per shock but it was worth it to me to always be level no matter what I had hooked up.
  5. New Shocks...

    I've had some experience with high quality motorcycle shocks where I've paid $600 for one shock for a dirt bike. If I bought one for my street bike it would be around $1200 (one shock).They can make or break you (literally). Doesn't make me an expert but I've been around a bit. In my opinion/experience, the factory Rancho's are severely lacking in rebound damping. Doing 70 around a sweeper and hit a dip in the road would just about launch the truck off the road. Once the springs were compressed, there was not much to slow them down when they suddenly decompressed. Sounds like an exaggeration but it was kind of scary. I hardly notice the dip now. As far as expansion joints, if you running lo-profile tires, putting regular tires on would definitely help. I did it myself. I think the tire sidewall would and should absorb most of that impact. I have two w-body cars, one with lo-pros and one without. You can definitely tell the difference hitting bumps and potholes.
  6. Are the chips from before putting the flaps on or after? I ask because I didn't like how long they were either and was afraid they would catch on something off road. I took a dremel to the rear ones and cut off the flat part on the bottom, right were it raises up, so they are shorter. But if that damage was done after you put them on, that may not have been a good idea for me to cut mine. I haven't noticed anything so far though. Check out Dr. Colorchip. Works very well covering up stuff like that. I haven't used it on black though. Like their web site says, it's about the best you can do without going to a body shop.
  7. New Shocks...

    I have a set of those super duper Ranchos that, per the Internet, after 75k miles are just as good as new Bilstein 5100's, I'll let go for a fraction of the cost of Bilsteins. These only have 3200 miles on them. Let me know.
  8. New Shocks...

    When I looked at my 2018 truck I was all happy it came with Rancho shocks (should have read the forums BEFORE). I couldn't stand the bouncy ride so I replaced the factory rancho's with Bilsteins at bout 3200 miles. In my experience, on the roads I drive, they were night and day. But it really depends on how you use your truck. I hardly ever drive on an Interstate, or even in town for that matter.
  9. Paint/wax/polish

    I use this stuff and a microfiber towel to get off bugs, spots, and crap between washes. https://www.meguiars.com/automotive/products/meguiars-ultimate-quik-detailer-g14422-22-oz-spray Sold at Walmart
  10. IDK. But everyone n the parking lot could.
  11. You hit the nail on the head there. If I could get an 18 LTZ with a real Z71 package and without all the connected garbage, that might be a decent truck. If they took the AFM off, fixed the gas pedal, and the transmission (the things people complain about on this forum almost daily). Funny I didn't have to do any of that to my 01. Never had an extended warranty either that I thought I better buy because if one of the electronic gizmo's goes out it will be a fortune. I think I read somewhere it was $2500 for the electric power steering unit. WTF?
  12. Those look a lot like the Weathertech's. I bought a set of the weathertechs for my truck mainly because they bolt on, no drilling required. The rear ones look a little funky if you look at them from inside the wheel well (they all may look the same way due to the shape of the fender), but from behind they look fine. I didn't like how long the back ones were so I cut the off about halfway down. Less coverage but I think they look better. Looks like the WT are about $30 bucks more for a set, but they fit perfectly. The Oedro's may be the same thing. The flare - They are referring to extra plastic trim around the fender. If you go to weathertechs site and look they have a graphic that pops up that shows the difference.
  13. I've posted it before and don't want to beat a dead horse but this is what I run and would recommend for a all-terrain tire. I have used most of the others and this is a true all terrain, from pavement to mud. If you're picky they are a little noisy with the windows down and the radio off, but they are more quiet than the worn out Hankooks I took off. The Deegan 38 AT's look good as well for a more street oriented tire, but I don't have any experience with them, and I like the 3 ply side walls the ATZ's have. I know usually around Labor Day Discount Tire and MT will have some good rebates. https://www.mickeythompsontires.com/light-truck-tires/baja-atz-p3
  14. I added my truck to my ATT wireless plan ($10 per month) so it can share minutes and data with my other cell phones. I don't carry a smart phone. I then connect a Trac phone I never registered (my guinea pig) to the trucks wifi and can use Android Auto. So its going cell tower to truck over cellular, truck to cell phone over wifi, then cell phone back to the truck using ???. Not sure if its wifi, or maybe bluetooth. Probably wifi. I use it mostly for google maps. Works pretty good unless I lose the cell tower signal. But there is a way to download google maps for off line use when that happens. What I would really like to do is remote the display from a Garmin Oregon to the trucks display so I can look at detailed topographic maps. That would be way cool.
  15. Onstar Basic

    The connected services is free because what does it do? It sends you a diag report. And I'll place a large wager, you aren't the only one that gets that report.

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