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  1. If you live in a colder climate, check out Cooper ATW. They have great reviews on line. Just put a set on a trailblazer (235/75 16) for $445 out the door from a local shop. But I don't have any miles on them yet so I can't give a review.
  2. Interesting. I never get flashed and I have the LED's and I think my lights are too high. If you are "being flashed so often", your headlights are not aimed correctly. "Hitting them back on a seconds notice"? So not only are you already blinding the person coming AT YOU, you turn your high beams on to show them who's boss. Great idea. Don't take into consideration that the other person is just trying to see the road ,and unless they are flashing everybody on the highway, your headlights are the problem. And due to "being flashed so often", apparently more than one driver thinks so.
  3. Sounds dumb but I believe it's true. I have AA and a Samsung phone, I also had issues connecting using any other USB cord besides the one that came with the phone.
  4. Nice truck. I'm not going judge what someone does in another country. If I lived in Mexico I would setup something very similar. A car? Not much good if you need to go off road, and I would always like for that to be a possibility. But with the work you've done on your truck, a high performance drive shaft would seem like a good investment to keep it going, especially if you ever HAVE to run extended periods at high speed. People need to realize that other countries are different. Writing speeding tickets is a big money maker in the US, other countries may not care about speeding as much. I was in Spain a few years back and people haul ass there. We were going down one of the highways and came up fast on a cop. We thought we were done, a ticket for sure, maybe even jail in a foreign country. But then the cop pulls over and lets us by. I asked one of the guys I was working with if they ever gave out speeding tickets. He said no, not really, but they will give you a ticket for having your stereo too loud. Different priorities.
  5. I'd go with Power Stop rotors and pads. I've put them on a few vehicles and they work very well.
  6. I had a similar experience as cjlet. I don't know if they were rf10's, but a few years back a ran a set of DynaPros and they were ok but I would't buy them again unless I was broke and got a good deal on them. I've had better tire s in the rain or snow, and they got loud as they wore down. They claim the rf11's are quieter/better.
  7. I stayed with factory rims to minimize any potential future warranty hassles. I also like the backspacing and they are well made. My truck had the 20" wheels too, and I did know better but they do look nice. I was kicking myself for not having them take them off. Now I have a nice set in the shed. Might have to put them back on and take a road trip one day.
  8. 40k is pitiful compared to what they used to be. I hope they do better than that but it doesn't seem like the mopar stuff isn't holding up that well either.
  9. Mickey Thompson ATZ P3 <- IMO the best true AT tire on the market. The only condition it does not excel in is glare ice, and even then they didn't do that bad. I've converted a couple of my friends from BFGs. One of them told me the best dollar to performance modification he has ever done to any of his vehicles (Jeeps) was putting a set of these tires on. Also, I went from a 20" rim to a 17" and saved about $100 per tire. And even though I went from street SR-A's to ATZ's, the ride is still way better.
  10. I'd go with AC Delco as well. I had an 01 Suburban with a 5.3 and one time I put in the Bosch +4 plugs. About 500 miles into a road trip the low oil light comes on. I had just changed it (and plugs) before I left, but sure enough its 2 quarts down. Fill it back up and hit the road. A little ways down the road the low oil light comes on again. Check the oil and it is 2 quarts low again. Filled it back up and kept stopping to put more in until I reached my destination. I called my brother who is a mechanic and he practically yelled at me, get those Bosch pugs out of there, go get some AC Delco's. I couldn't get AC Delco's at the time so I put NGK's in. Never had another problem using oil. I don't know why the Bosch plugs drank oil in that engine, never used them again.
  11. No, not Michigan. It was west of Taylor Park Reservoir, CO. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Taylor+Park+Reservoir/@38.9409503,-106.7167974,8.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x87400107fce43d7d:0x1dbbd3e993b384e7!8m2!3d38.8445843!4d-106.5760857
  12. Wow, because GM didn't tell him to shove it like you all thought they should, he's lying. There sure are a lot of back seat drivers on here. How about posting proof he's lying. Or you just think he is, so that's good enough to start calling him a liar and now its up to him to "prove his innocence". That sure sounds familiar. Anyone on here with a similar first hand experience to the contrary of this guys experience? That would be more helpful than what you think should have happened. And if you say you do, be prepared to prove it as well if that's the standard. If this guy is on the up and up, you're the one blowing hot air cluttering the thread with BS.
  13. Aww common. While your at it, lets see your tax returns too.
  14. In a Jeep forum I read they talk about how Moog isn't what they used to be the last few years. They are now actually recommending OEM parts over them. They do say that NAPA has two different lines of parts and some of the more expensive ones are made by Spicer (at least for some of the Jeep parts). I cannot personally confirm or deny that. I hope they are wrong because I just replaced a bunch of stuff on my Jeep with Moog parts. They have been good to me over the years. I just couldn't bring myself to buy mopar.
  15. These days, I would not be surprised. They must have turned it up a little too loud.
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