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  1. I am going to upgrade from my tiny mirrors that came with this truck to an upgraded set of towing mirrors from Boost Auto here soon, looking for help/opinions on if i should go with all black mirrors or get the chrome cap mirrors. The truck is all black with the exception of the grill/bumper. I have future plans to replace the factor 20'' rims with some aftermarket fuel rims but i'm debating on black vs chrome for that as well. Looking for guys with black trucks to share there setup's or just hoping to get some opinions from others here. My truck is attached below.
  2. On the new truck? It's a pretty clean 2015.. dealership "accidentally listed the truck for one price, instead of what they claimed it was supposed to be at but i didn't let them budge and they ended up honoring that price. I acted like i had no mechanical knowledge when we test drove the truck, knocked a bunch off on the price for a "squeak" that i claimed made me feel uneasy. Which was 30 bucks for a tensioner pulley i replaced last weekend and another $400 off for a chip in the front windshield i told them i'd have to replace. Safelite fixed the chip for $100. Truck has no body damage and paint is in great shape. Truck needs new tires this summer but my old truck was in the same boat so that was a wash for me. By the time it was all said and done i walked away paying $28,000 for this truck. Which in my location was a pretty darn good deal. I need to get tow mirrors soon however, i'm surprised these small mirrors are even an option on a 3/4 ton truck, lol.
  3. So last night i attempted my first wash, brisk 23 degrees in central IL. Just wanted to get the salt off, bought a wash mitt from chemical guys. Washed truck on the wash setting, sprayed off with rinse, repeated another wash setting and then hand washed with wash mitt, cleaned the mitt 4 times (front, side, back, side). Dried the truck off, truck isn't perfect by any means, but it looks somewhat clean for the 30 minute quick wash i gave it and i didn't notice any added swirl's from the wash. Hopefully spring will show up one of these weeks and i can try out the foam cannon and the two bucket method.
  4. Back in a chevy truck from a dodge cummins, found a super sharp 2015 that is black. Of course all black trucks are sharp when they are clean. I have spent a ton of time watching chemical guy videos on youtube on how they clean and wax black vehicles to prepare myself, i'm just curious how some of the guys on here keep the black vehicles clean. I'd like to wash it this weekend and now i'm super paranoid i'm going to hurt the paint after watching all those videos. LOL, i know a truck is a truck and i use it for the intended purpose, but i'd like to keep this truck in great condition for years to come. Just looking for pointers and some of the products you guys would recommend to get me started..
  5. To update on this...after a check engine light (service exhaust) came on I realized having that diesel is nice but there can be many more unknown surprises with them (turbo, injectors, DPF, etc, etc.) Came across a deal that was too hard to say no to and we switched to a 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500 with the 6.0 engine (4:11 gears) and actually saved a little money in the process. I must say i'm a tad frustrated with myself that i didn't make the switch to a gas engine sooner. Obviously this truck is not a torque monster like my Cummins was, but the day to day driving is so much more enjoyable that I don't mind giving up a little when we are towing. (And the truck only takes 5 minutes to get to operating temp which is a bonus in the winter!) To be honest the only time i really noticed a significant difference hooked up to 8K trailer was when we were starting at 10 MPH and going up a decent hill. However i wanted to see what this truck could do so i put my foot down and she accelerated better than i expected up to 50 MPH (Speed limit was 45 MPH). It's going to take a little while for me to get used to seeing the RPM's on this truck go higher compared to the diesel, but i understand these make peak horsepower above 4,000 RPM's i believe. And it doesn't bug me too much considered on the racecars we turn them 8400 every lap. LOL. Just wanted to thank everyone for the help and give an update. All in all i'm very happy with the performance of this 6.0 gas engine so far and i wish i would of switched a long time ago.
  6. From a financial standpoint here i still owe on the cummins. Based on what i owe though and what i can trade it off for i'm in good shape. Basically on just the specific truck i was looking at i can save 100 alone on the monthly payment and reduce overall debt while also lowering my term. Obviously this number can be increased if i look at an older style chevy as a guy mentioned in this post as well. I have a few options here i'm just looking at opinions from actual GM 6.0 owners. You guys have been very helpful! Thank you!
  7. Afternoon ladies and gents. I have spent hours upon hours trying to do my homework here on the GM 6.0 gasser engines. I have been around diesels the past 6 years, love my current tow rig. (2013 Ram 2500 Tradesman w/ 6/7 cummins) Truck is stock no deletes. What brought me here is we have our first baby on the way, the thought of saving some money by trading down to a gasser seems like a good idea. But i am not sure with how often i tow that i will be happy. I live in Illinois and tow a 28 ft enclosed racecar hauler throughout the state (mostly flat). I tow every weekend from April to October generally, the trailer weighs close to 8K loaded. Obviously the cummins tows this with zero issues, and i'm assuming the GM 6.0 would tow this fine as well. I found a 2009 Chevy 2500 that's loaded with 110,000 miles on it. It appears to be in great shape, from what i found out it has the LY6 engine. If i were to make the switch i'd free up over 100 bucks a month, but is that really enough to justify the switch? I'm not in a bind for money at the moment, but obviously saving some money never hurts. I guess i'm basically looking at some opinion's from guys that have maybe made the switch from a diesel to a gasser, and see what there thoughts were? Or do i tow enough that i should just stick it out with the diesel? Looking forward to your thoughts! *Also, i would estimate that based on my location and where i'm traveling i drive roughly 3500-4000 miles a year with the trailer hooked up.
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