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  1. Did you just pull the dust cover and drop inside the back of the housing?
  2. I think i watched the same one. To me interior looking like pre 14 models. I assume the seat track is different, but I may pull it out and see. Thanks
  3. Thanks, I actually tried the hose clam DIY with no luck. From what I can tell that only fixes lateral movement. I have not been able to find any fixes for front to back movement so far.
  4. I recently purchased a 2015 High Country. After a few days I started noticing the drivers seat shifting front to back under moderate acceleration and a hard stop. It appears the slack is on the track, you can grab the seat at the base and move it approxamatly 1/8 inch front to back. I have zero lateral movement or the typical popping. Anyone else expirence this? The dealer tells me this is normal and there is no fix. Claims the only bullitan they have is for lateral movement. Any advice woukd be appreciated. Thanks
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