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  1. Just wanted to pass along an update. Dealer let let me bring back the CC regular bed and exchange for a CC short bed. The short bed was better optioned for me and cheaper than the regular bed so they are sending me a check for the difference. I could have had them bring in a truck from an outside dealer in silver, my 1st choice, but it would have cost more. Instead, I chose from their remaining inventory and got what I thought was a fair deal for this time of year. I’ll be adding a pic to the black truck club when I get it cleaned up a little more. Thanks for everyone’s advice. Terry
  2. Dealer says he wants my repeat business and is willing to take it back. No other silver’s on the lot so I have to choose between black, red, or white. Ive had several black trucks and Jeeps so I know what I’m in for. Wasn’t there an issue with black fenders or hoods a bit ago? Paint runs or something like that. Found it on the forum. Yes there is an issue with black driver’s side hood and fenders having paint flaws. No other colors seem to be affected.
  3. No snow plow prep pkg. this is one has SLT Premium, Max Trailering, SLT Preferred, and Driver Alert I packages.
  4. Yes, it’s a crew cab. The dealer website lists it is a standard box, but the GM VIN checker website states it is a short bed. When I spoke with sales over the phone yesterday I asked about the silver Shortbed. i didn’t catch that it was a standard bed until I tried to put it in the garage at 11:00 last night. I couldn't read the window sticker through the tinted glass last night, but did find it in the glove box this morning. I’ll have to see what it says later today. Window sticker doesn’t mention it was a CCSB. My bad.
  5. I am serious. I compared the last 6 digits of the truck VIN to the paperwork and they match. Also, the bed measures 6’ 6” on the inside of the bed. I suppose worse case case is I trade again in a year or so, but hate the idea of it being out in this Midwest winter cold. I have emailed the salesman this morning and will call when the dealership opens.
  6. You would think I’d be pleased as punch. It is a ‘19, Sierra 1500 with tow pkg, 6.2L, and a couple of option pkg’s. Long story short, when I got home it didn’t fit in the garage. Suppose to be a short bed per the VIN, but it’s a standard bed. My bad, I should have looked closer but it was getting dark. I don’t want a truck that can’t fit in the garage. I plan to call the dealership in the morning and see if they will work with me to return it. A Google search suggests the 3 day cooling off period doesn’t really exist, but that most dealerships will honor at least a 24 hour return policy. Does anyone know what my options are?
  7. I learned to drive using dad’s ‘71 long bed pickup and we are once again a GM family after years of trying the “other” brands. Currently the wife drives a Buick LaCrosse and I have a GMC 2500 DMax, both have been excellent vehicles for their designed use. I’m getting the itch for a new truck to pull my 22’ boat next summer and looking at the ‘19 Sierra 1500’s with tow package. They can pull up to 13k so that is more than sufficient for my 8k boat. I look forward to learning more about the successes of the latest generation 1500’s. Happy Holidays to all, Terry
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