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  1. I have rear seat reminder enabled yet intermittently it doesn’t chime, does this happen to anyone else?
  2. park assist automatically turned off while driving with tailgate down
  3. open or closed CAI?

    3tspapat why wouldn't you get another if doing it over? why do people say cai do nothing but increase noise when there's dyno statistical proof of slight hp/tq increse? I just ordered a volant closed intake with the dry filter 15553D
  4. what’s the better way to go on a 2018 5.3 slt ? I’m looking at the Volant Closed Box Air Intake EO# D-526-7 Dry Filter #61508 $389 ($50 rebate) or the CORSA Performance APEX DryTech Metal intake System $325 (no rebate)
  5. Putco tail gate light bar

    yes, guilty. it was sub zero when I installed the light bar. It’s tight, got dialect grease and taped, come spring I’ll do it correctly with shrink tubing
  6. Putco tail gate light bar

    quick connect harness
  7. Putco tail gate light bar

    wiring from light bar
  8. Putco tail gate light bar

    Sure I can get a few when it warms up a little. The Putco adapter worked great, the red wire isn’t needed.
  9. Post your 2014+ wheel/tire set-up

    I really like my stock rims too just wish gm put all terrain tires on (window sticker says at’s but I don’t consider sr-a’s as at’s)
  10. How To Add/Remove Features On GMC DIC
  11. Has anyone used TORQUE Detail Mirror Shine, I’m assuming it’s as good as F11 TopCoat? https://www.torquedetail.com/collections/frontpage?gclid=CjwKCAiAwJTjBRBhEiwA56V7q84Rey1b6reC08iMek5zW8iE4TFMkMO1k1Dea0btsOmfKLfb64zQhRoChDMQAvD_BwE
  12. Aftermarket Towing Mirrors Help

    https://www.1aauto.com "Trail Ridge Truck Accessories are developed and built with a promise to provide high quality, durable parts for your truck and back them with the best warranty in the automotive industry. Specializing in tow mirrors, we source only the highest quality materials and construct all of our truck parts to meet or exceed OEM standards. Every Trail Ridge truck part is rigorously tested to ensure superior fit, function, and durability. Quality, trusted value, and hassle-free installation are all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have engineered every last product, down to the last detail, to deliver truck accessories with superior performance and reliability." 1A-Auto Trail Ridge Mirrors offer LED Marker Light, LED Turn Signal, Blind Spot Detection, Puddle Light Mirror Spotlight, Manual-Telescoping, Heated Mirror etc
  13. Putco tail gate light bar

    I bought the putco wire harness and didn't have to cut any wires https://www.putco.com/blade-quick-connect-harness
  14. I can only get the IntelliBeam function to work without the fog/driving lights on. As soon as I put the fog/driving lights on IntelliBeam disables. I didn’t find anything about it in the manual, is this normal?

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