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  1. I’m sorry you have to deal with this as well on your 2018. While doing research on the leak in my 2019 model, I read somewhere that 2014-2018 Silverados also have a history of leaking from a poorly sealed third brake light. Hopefully it is as something as easily as replacing the TBL to permenantly stop the damage and annoyance of the leak.
  2. Add another 2019 Chevrolet Silverado to the long list of new trucks that are experiencing a water leak due to an apparent failure in the rear window seal. The truck was bought at the end of October 2018 and I didn't find the water leak until 12/16/18 when I was out of town visiting family for the holidays in Massachusetts. The leak looks exactly like the pictures posted above by fish_guru. Water was literally pouring in from the rain storm - soaked the head liner, rear seat (driver's side), and flooring. Ran down the window and also dripped from the headliner to the point that there was a small puddle on the top of the seat back. The first below picture shows how much water collected in the headliner before the leak was first detected. God only knows how long it was leaking before I was lucky (or unlucky) to catch it. Not happy at all, as are the rest of you, especially since I have a child with severe mold allergies. Thankfully the truck is garaged at the house, so I was able to get it inside and out of the elements once we got home to Maryland. I ran a fan and a heater inside the truck for 36+ hours before I could get it to the dealership to be looked at on 12/19/18. The headliner, flooring, and leather appeared to dry out and because the headliner/carpeting is black it is hard to tell if there is any remaining water damage. The foam padding in the back of the rear seat was another story as it was still damp when I brought it in to be looked at. Within a few hours of being at the dealership, the service department called me to say they found the leak coming from an improperly sealed rear window during factory assembly. I was initially thankful it wasn't coming from the rooftop antenna or the third brake light, until they told me the entire rear window needed to be replaced and that all replacement windows are on back order with NO KNOWN delivery schedule. Apparently, the truck also has to be brought to SafeLite to have the window replaced one a replacement arrives. Its now been 10 days since I initially dropped the truck off and same old, same old - no known delivery date or estimated repair date. We had another heavy downpour yesterday (12/28/19), so I decided to swing by the dealership to see if the truck was at least inside - nope, it was not. It was sitting in the lot with plastic tape on it. I called the dealership to ask why my truck with a known water leak was sitting outside in the rain (see picture below) and I was "assured" that the truck was covered with plastic and water was not getting in, as it "had been sitting outside all week with no problems." It also didn't rain before yesterday. I went by the dealership again today (12/29/18), and miraculously the truck was no longer outside and was moved inside the garage out of sight. Thanks GM. I'm glad I bought a $60K truck from you and am getting this runaround. It would be nice to get an official response from GM, but I'm not hopeful given their track record on this issue.

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