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  1. My opinion, if the light comes on drive it till it seizes Guaranteed a new motor. Sorry there was no where safe to pull off and stop mr gm.
  2. I have not heard the camaro or vette do it either. However this is the first 6.2 with the DFM Where it can go from 8 cyl all the way down to 2 cylinders during deactivation. While that does seem very smooth compared to the old AFM v8/v4 mode it is a completely new setup. I'm guessing they either have a design flaw that needs to be corrected or a supplier severely screwed up. Teach me to buy the first year Just really disappointing
  3. Mine just started doing the exact same thing!! Defiantly not "normal" even though the latest bulletin claims to let run 5-7 minutes and if goes away give back to customer and tell them its normal. Research department is investigating the cause. Really? Normal? How ever if it continues past 20 minutes go ahead and replace the lifters. Been a technician for 35 years This sound is anything but normal. GM I hope you are watching/reading poor quality period You know why it is happening, you just don't want to cover/handle it. Can't wait to hear what load of bs my dealer tries to tell me. AsBIGDOGx stated let it blow up and make them warranty an engine.
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